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When did the 6th creative day end? When did the rulership of Satan start?

While this essay does deal with a chronological concept, it is not directly related to the end time aspect.

We have many times deduced now that Adam created 4027BC. This physical creation or gene zapping did not mean that YHWH could rest from his work, because only the physical body was created then. Training, education and communication would form or create the perfect personality of “the man”. So this was work that needed to be done. Later there was no helper found for Adam so YHWH created Eve, surely a creative work.

When? Well Jesus started to look for a “companion” and complement 41 days after his baptism, the day after he came out of the wilderness.
This was when he was about 30 years and 50 days old. So according to the pattern, maybe Eve was created and led to Adam about that age, in autumn 3997BC (after Adam became an “adult”, fully responsible for his actions). We know that Adam sinned when he was 33.5 years old, in Nisan 3993BC. But the 6th creative day must have ended before then because we read in Genesis 1:31 and 2…

31 After that God saw everything he had made and, look! [it was] very good. And there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a sixth day. 2 Thus the heavens and the earth and all their army came to their completion. 2 And by the seventh day God came to the completion of his work that he had made, and he proceeded to rest on the seventh day from all his work that he had made. 3 And God proceeded to bless the seventh day and make it sacred, because on it he has been resting from all his work that God has created for the purpose of making. (Genesis1 & 2) So this sixth day must have ended before Adam and Eve sinned or why would he say that? On the other hand, God created those garments for them after they were evicted from Eden… 20 After this Adam called his wife’s name Eve, because she had to become the mother of everyone living. 21 And Jehovah God proceeded to make long garments of skin for Adam and for his wife and to clothe them. (Genesis3)

This creative work surely happens after their sin. But was it really a creative act in that God created something new? Or was it just changing something that already existed?
I cannot answer this with certainty.

So there seem to be some unsolved problems in interpreting the end of the 6th day and the beginning of Satan’s rule. But maybe it is just our human mind that wants to synchronize everything!
Maybe the 7th day of rest and the 6000 year of Satan's lease for ruling the world overlap but are not congruent!? After all, God’s Sabbath does not end now, it end approximately in 3007/3008AD, at the end of the Millennium. It might well be that Jehovah starts preparing his new creative works a couple of years or month before Jesus’ reign ends…

Maybe Jehovah entered his resting Sabbath on 1. Tishri 3994BC. Only after Jehovah started to "relax" did Satan start his campaign on earth. It might have taken him about 6 months to make Eve familiar with the talking serpent puppet etc and convince her to give the fruit to Adam on 14. Nisan 3993BC.

Now the most likely scenario I can think about at the moment is that Adam sinned and started to die and was evicted from the „promised land of Eden“, on 14. Nisan 3993BC but the 6000 years of official rulership of Satan started only on 1. Tishri 3993. So his lease expires 6000 full calendar years later, on 30. Elul 2008AD! This is why he will kick-off the Great Tribulation on or before September 30th 2008!

There is one alternative to that: regnal years!

Here is some info about regnal years and how reigns are counted…

*** it-2 p. 1215 Year *** Method of counting rule of kings. In historical records it was the usual practice in Babylon to count the reigning, or regnal, years of a king as full years, beginning on Nisan 1. The months during which the king might have actually started to rule prior to Nisan 1 were regarded as forming his accession year, but they were historically credited to, or counted as belonging to, the full regnal years of the king who had preceded him. If, as Jewish tradition indicates, this system was followed in Judah, then, when the Bible speaks of Kings David and Solomon as each reigning for “forty years,” the reigns cover full 40-year periods.—1Ki 1:39; 2:1, 10, 11; 11:42.

That might even take us to Adar30, 2008 for the last day of a lease of 6000 full regnal years if those 6000 years started on 1. Nisan 3992BC…


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