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Applying the principle 2:1 of the chronological model of the Sanctuary to the patriarchs

In our study of the measurements of the Sanctuary, both in the tabernacle and in the two temples, we have seen that the “Holy” was always twice as long as the “Most Holy” while the compartments were separated by a heavy curtain that represented Jesus’ human body (Hebrews 10:20)

The Scriptures do give us good reason to apply this division of 2:1 also to the inheritance of sons.

17 For he should recognize as the firstborn the hated one’s son by giving him two parts in everything he is found to have, because that one is the beginning of his generative power. The right of the firstborn’s position belongs to him. (Deuteronomy 21)

We read in the Encyclopaedia “Insight into the Scriptures…

*** it-1 p. 1199 Inheritance ***
The firstborn son inherited a double portion (two parts) of the property as compared with that allotted to other sons.

The father could transfer the birthright if he had a good reason, giving the firstborn’s inheritance to a younger son. In the instances of this noted in the Bible, it was not through whim or favouritism, but there was a basis on which the father determined to make the change in the birthright inheritance. Ishmael, as Abraham’s oldest son, was prospective heir for about 14 years. (Ge 16:16; 17:18-21; 21:5) But at Sarah’s request and with Jehovah’s approval, Abraham dismissed Ishmael, then about 19 years of age. Isaac then possessed the firstborn’s right

So it is a well founded fact that the father divided everything into 3 parts, giving 2 thirds to the son with the firstborn rights.

In our previous studies we have also realized that God uses the spatial to symbolize or prophecy the temporal. Thus, the chronological model of the Sanctuary teaches us that the chronological period represented by the “Holy” lasted from 4027 BC, the creation of Adam, to 2 BC, the birth of Jesus. Adding 1 half of the elapsed time (= 1 third = 2012½ years) – the period represented by the “Most Holy”, we arrive in spring 2012 AD as the year for completing the Sanctuary.

Now I wondered if the principle of “2:1” also is chronologically reflected in types and antitypes in the lives of the main patriarchs.


A simple start to try out this concept was Abraham. We know from the “midst principle” that Jesus died in the centre of the Abrahamic Covenant, the salvation covenant for all those with faith who obey their conscience. Bible chronology shows that Abraham crossed the Euphrates as instructed by Jehovah in Nisan 1943 BC. The whole Abrahamic Covenant lasts 3950 years until 2008AD, 6000 years after Adam’s sin in 3993BC. Jesus died dead centre in this covenant in 33AD, 1975 years after the inauguration of the covenant and 1975 years before entrance into that covenant ends (2008AD).

So I tried to apply the principle of “2:1” to these 3950 years.

3950 / 3 = 1316.66  This is 1 third.

1316.66 * 2 = 2633.33  This is 2 thirds.

1943BC + 2633,33 years = 691.33AD

691.33AD + 1316,66 years = 2008AD

We know that 2008 is the year of the end of entrance into the Abrahamic Covenant and marks the start of the “Great Tribulation”. But what about the year 691AD?

Well, something remarkable happened back then as regards the sons (heirs) of Abraham, the capital of the land that was to be inherited and the spiritual domination…

The sons of Ishmael, the Moslems, completed the “Dome of Rock” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!!!

So for 2 thirds of the time of their fathers covenant, the offspring of Isaac was the dominant seed, but in this year, this landmark made it clear who was to dominate for the remainder of the covenant period.

As an aside, this calculation could mean that this Dome will be destroyed or desegregated in 2008!


Well, I thought what applies to Abraham must also apply to Isaac. The trick is to find the correct start date for the type and the correct end date of the antitype.

The most remarkable event in Isaac’s life surely was when he agreed to be sacrificed to Jehovah by his father.

Again, we understand from biblical patterns, that Isaac was 33½ years old when this happened. He reached that age in 1885 BC. Obviously, the antitype he was proclaiming is Jesus’ ransom death in 33AD. So the period between the 2 events is 1917 years long

1917 / 3 = 639  This is 1 third.

639 * 2 = 1278  This is 2 thirds.

1885BC + 1278 years = 607BC

607BC + 639 years = 33AD

Bingo! We know that Jesus died in 33AD, but what happened in 607BC? This year marks the start of the Gentile Times, most likely because God’s people no longer had a patriarch, a judge or a king appointed by Jehovah to rule over them. In this year, Pharaoh Necho established Jehoiakim as vassal king over the offspring of Abraham through Isaac!

For the last third until the arrival of the Messiah, God’s chosen vassal king, foreign powers would rule over God’s people. Now it was their turn…


I have to do more studying on Jacob yet how this principle does apply to him.

So we see that the principle 2:1 applies and we can be strengthened in our faith as regards the year 2012 as the year of our salvation!

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