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Enlightenment and our spiritual bodies

Enlightenment and our spiritual bodies

Dear brothers and sisters,

Here are some thoughts I would like to share with you.

True enlightenment comes from within. It is a self actualization that we are not the simple beings we perceive in the mirror each morning when we wake but we are much more than that. Interestingly the sayings of Jesus found in the gospel of Thomas and some other verses in Philip give us a clue to this:

Jesus said, "If those who lead you say, 'See, the Kingdom is in the sky,'
then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in
the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the Kingdom is inside of
you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you
will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of
the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty
and it is you who are that poverty." (Thomas vs. 3)

Oh yes, we are influenced greatly by the things and the people around us but they only serve as encouragement or obstacles to true enlightenment depending on our experiences with them. It is not until we become consciously aware of the insignificance of our physical lives in "the world" that we begin to see the significance of our spiritual lives in the heavens.

Each and every one us are connected to the spirit body and are a necessary component for the proper function of that body. The kingdom "is inside" of us because our essence which dwells in the physical is part of that spirit body; it "is outside" of us because the essence of every living soul is also a part of that spirit body to include the birds of the air and the fish of the sea. All life emanates directly from God as a manifestation of His "will through a thought" and is therefore an integral part of Him regardless if its form whether it is in health or in sickness. All life is an essential element of that spirit body and therefore must eventually be healed in order for the body to flourish.

A by-product of that "will through a thought" which brought us forth is "will" itself as it too emanates from God as a component of our spirit being. This will of ours which was given to us freely was not in error but necessary in that it was the only real mechanism available to us as spirit beings as a vehicle for learning. It is through our own individual error and subsequent victory that allows us to become productive members of that spirit body.

None of us could possibly achieve such a lesson through lecture or parental guidance as is most evident by our own physical experiences. For instance how many of us ever truly heeded the warnings of our parents when they tried in vain to nurture us? Or even more self evident is the actions of our own children who have proven to us over and over again that they seldom listened to any of the "wisdom" in the form of advice we tried so hard to pass down to them in order to save them from going through the same "school of hard knocks" we have had to suffer.

It is important to understand that whether our parents or our children have come to the enlightenment we have begun to attain or not, they are all still part of that spirit body we are all connected to. The "world" itself is the "school of hard knocks" which our Great Father provided us and it is full of rotten fruit, thorns, thistles, and of course serpents. But it is also full of love, beautiful lilies, savoury fruit and wonderful shade trees to rest under. Unfortunately we as members of the spirit body in these later times have been swallowed up by the aforementioned things in great abundance to the point that they have become manifest in our lives to a level as never seen before nor will ever be seen.

The errant will that has overwhelmed the spirit body as a whole is reflected by events that surround our own physical bodies. When we get a cancer, in some cases, we are faced with a torturous decision of whether or not to cut out that part in order to save the rest of the body from further destruction by it. But there are times that cutting out the affected part will not be
sufficient to stop the spread of the disease if it has metastasize and will only serve to prolong our state of sickness a bit longer. The difference between the physical and the spiritual is this; as I recall from discussions, anyone who has had a body part removed for any reason will tell you they still experience feeling of that member and it is often referred to as a "ghost
arm" or whatever body part might be missing.

What I have gleaned from this is that although we can physically remove our members from our physical existence, our spirit members will always remain as parts of the spirit body. This is because the spirit body will not lose any of its members for it requires all of its parts in order to flourish as a whole. This is why everyone must and eventually will be "saved". Just as our physical bodies can survive for a while on life support or the help of a physician, it must eventually become sound in health for it to prosper again.

What I am getting at in a long winded but illustrative way is that when we as individuals learn that our actions affect not only ourselves but all living creatures as a part of the spirit body, we start to attain that level of self awareness or enlightenment that Jesus related to Thomas for when we come to know ourselves it becomes more and more evident in all that we do. If we do not come to know ourselves we are in poverty and become that poverty (or sickness).

For we cannot know God or His kingdom unless we recognize the impact of all we do in respect to the whole of the spirit body. That is why we are told to love one another for God is love and love is of God.

Beloved ones, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loved is born of God, and knows God. (1 Jn 4:7)

We first must become sound in health as a spirit body before this can happen and we know from scriptures that this is what the thousand year kingdom is all about.

When Jesus said that we should sell all that we have and give to the poor it was not in reference to the physical but to the spiritual for what does one in poverty need from one in poverty. What we need to sell is our hold on that poverty and by doing so live to Christ and His teachings. In turn we must give the by-product of what we sold, our money which is spiritual gold and silver to those who are still in that poverty.

That is how we are to heal the nations and the Jews. But we will not be able to do this without the power of the physician who is Christ to help us as the malaise of the whole body is too great right now.

This selling of yourself is ridding yourself of your EGO. EGO is an acronym commonly describe by many as Edging God Out, and that is a pretty good analogy since putting your own wants and needs ahead of the needs of others is precisely what EGO is. Once we realize that such a nature is contrary to the good of the spirit body, the sooner we can begin to heal the whole for putting your personal needs above the body is like cutting off that member
which is good in an effort to save that member which is diseased!

From the "founding of world" until now and forever, God has provided and will provide antigens for the spirit body to fight off the sickness caused by errant will in the form of Laws. But like any parent our Great Father knew long before we were formed in the womb that we would be just like our own physical children have taught us throughout history, that being an
unwillingness to learn from instruction but from experience. It is when we all have attained the perfect man by having Gods Laws etched in our hearts as our Lord has that we can bring sound health and everlasting life to the whole of our spirit body. It is then that we will truly rejoice in spirit and in truth.

For the present, we with pure hearts who continue to seek the truth in all things, have only begun to see the true light in a way that few have ever seen it. We are just now reaching "commencement" in our lives in that we are bringing to naught one existence and beginning another existence for we are coming to know ourselves as spirit beings and that we are essential parts of the whole body.

We also know that we have all we can handle in overcoming our own desires and the weakness of our own "will" let alone the power to convince other of there errant ways. It is for this reason that it will only be by divine intervention and the power and grace of God that such a global scale of enlightenment can and will occur. But we, who have had a taste of this
light and are now able to reflect this light should be happy indeed as we are truly called as a remnant of the nations who have been chosen as sons of the Living God and of His Christ!

It is also incredible to realize that that from the beginning of creation this was all intended to occur just as it has and will for the sole purpose of teaching our spirit beings through the "school of hard knocks" how to truly love one another for it is by loving our brother that we actually help ourselves. Our great instructor Jesus taught us this throughout his ministry and by the written Word He left behind when He washed the feet of His disciples and put all of our needs before His to the point of death on a torture stake.

Our future my brothers and sister is brighter and more magnificent than the expanse of our imaginations and all of our hopes and dreams of living in God's perfect light replete with all of its wonders and inconceivable glory and power will become manifest to us in its due time. This is His promise to all of us, even to those who end up quarantined “in the outer darkness” when they are thrown “outside” of the Kingdom gnashing their teeth there (not destroyed forever). So rejoice and be glad my family of spirit beings as our time is nearly at hand
as the kingdom has arrived and the earth and all of the works in it will be discovered and the glory of His sons will be revealed!


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