Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Accelerated evil

I am completely stunned by the reaction to the obvious bankruptcy of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Although they have tried to put a spin on it by calling it in a conservative way as a passionate attempt to save the financial markets from utter ruin when it is really just a government (i.e. Federal Crime Syndicate) buyout of a bankrupt industry at taxpayer’s expense. Of course they had no choice in that they are responsible for allowing this to happen by legislatively removing any real oversight in the financial industry.

The true powers of this world must be rolling in the isles of their dark little castles in uncontainable laughter as they consider the mindless masses of the world who have done nothing to stop this insane game of treachery and treason.

It is made evident by the increasingly overt policies towards protecting their “kind” while trampling under foot all of the “expendables” in the world as this is not just about the US, but a global issue. It is more and more transparent to those who see through this charade, but for the endless streams of party faithful lemmings of the world (that being all political parties); it is all still veiled in clouds of their own ignorance and apathy.

I am certain that soon GM, Ford and every other crumbling automaker will be bailed out by the “government” just to keep the inciteful word “bankruptcy” out of the news. I wonder what kind of spin they will use when this “government” comprised of con men and thieves goes bankrupt of itself. Oh yea, they will simply hide in their underground cities and commence WWIII so that they can claim it was the never ending “war on terror” that caused all of this.

May the evil they have wrought consume them in their own mire…….

Come quickly Lord Jesus. May your Kingdom become manifest and may the wickedness of the world be exposed and destroyed for good!


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