Sunday, 7 September 2008

Meditating about being a „prophet“

I have to start this topic by saying that I believe that all “inspired prophecies”, direct divine revelations to make up the complete “word of God”, the Bible, - ended with the last of the Bible writes to be inspired, probably with John’s Revelation.

Neither me nor Emmanuel claim to be inspired prophets of YHWH or Jesus or to speak divinely transmitted truths.

The job of a modern “prophet” is to envision biblical truths (morals, understandings, interpretations or chronological facts) and to declare them publicly. Especially so, when they recognize big problems in the Christian congregation.

Here follows a quote from an email written to Emmanuel on that topic…

As regards, being a prophet, I think it is a responsibility given to us by Jesus our Lord!

As Eldad and Medad we have to "stay inside the camp", we must not leave the Society. There are 68 other prophets that were chosen by God who left the Society and are now prophesying from outside.

Being a prophet is not an easy task. It is a privilege but it can mean tough hardships and severe persecution. Just think about Ezekiel "besieging Jerusalem" (a physically difficult task), think about Hosea, taking a wife and children of adultery (an emotionally difficult task) or how Jeremiah had to survive in a mud hole! We are blessed to be used by YHWH and Jesus and we should rejoice that we suffer persecutions from our own family and brothers because in the end, what counts is solely our relationship to Jesus and Jehovah and that we fulfilled their task for us.

While we are both not part of the "anointed of the New Covenant", we live in the days of the greater application of Acts 2. Now, in the last days, especially since October 2001, Jesus pours out his spirit on "all sorts of flesh"!!! He no longer limits his spirit and revelations to his ‘bride’ (probably only a few hundred genuine remnant left) but he gives dreams to his older men, and "visions" (seeing Bible truths, maybe literal visions as well) to his man- and maidservants! You and me we are part of the "man servant class", boldly declaring what we envision in the Scriptures!

It was prophesied that the "faithful and discreet slave" in the "Watchtower" would fail to do his job...

45 Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? 46 Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. 47 Truly I say to YOU, He will appoint him over all his belongings.
48 But if ever that evil slave should say in his heart, ?My master is delaying,? 49 and should start to beat his fellow slaves and should eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards, 50 the master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect and in an hour that he does not know, 51 and will punish him with the greatest severity (literally: "Cut him in two"!) and will assign him his part with the hypocrites. There is where [his] weeping and the gnashing of [his] teeth will be. (Matthew 24 adapted from the Geek)

Please consider what Isaiah prophesied about that slave...

19 Who is blind, if not my servant, and who is deaf as my messenger whom I send? Who is blind as the one rewarded, or blind as the servant of Jehovah? 20 It was a case of seeing many things, but you did not keep watching. It was a case of opening the ears, but you did not keep listening (Isaiah 42)

Biblical words are not a coincidence, they are carefully chosen to carry prophetic statements. Here is what would happen to the Watchtower....

12 Beat yourselves upon the breasts in lamentation over the desirable fields, over the fruit-bearing vine. 13 Upon the ground of my people merely thorns, spiny bushes come up, for they are upon all the houses of exultation, yes, the highly elated town. 14 For the dwelling tower itself has been forsaken, the very hubbub of the city has been abandoned; O´phel and the Watchtower themselves have become bare fields, for time indefinite the exultation of zebras, the pasture of droves; 15 until upon us the spirit is poured out from on high, and the wilderness will have become an orchard, and the orchard itself is accounted as a real forest. (Isaiah 32)

This is a prophecy plus a restoration promise. We in the "man servant class" have to carry out our assignment as tools of Jesus to make this restoration happen.

Please also consider Paul's advice in 1 Corinthians 14...

Pursue love, yet keep zealously seeking the spiritual gifts, but preferably that YOU may prophesy.... 3 However, he that prophesies upbuilds and encourages and consoles men by his speech. 4 He that speaks in a tongue upbuilds himself, but he that prophesies upbuilds a congregation. 5 Now I would like for all of YOU to speak in tongues, but I prefer that YOU prophesy. Indeed, he that prophesies is greater than he that speaks in tongues...29 Further, let two or three prophets speak, and let the others discern the meaning. 30 But if there is a revelation to another one while sitting there, let the first one keep silent. 31 For YOU can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all be encouraged. 32 And [gifts of] the spirit of the prophets are to be controlled by the prophets.

Paul wants all Christians to prophecy, it is upbuilding for the congregation. Prophesying is indeed the greatest gift from the Spirit! If possible, ALL should prophecy and the prophets themselves are to control their work, not the elders or the Governing Body...

We see that no man should try and rebuke what the Holy Spirit sees fit to give!


So this is why we will go on trying to discern with our imperfect minds the meaning of the perfect word of God. We will continue to speak out and declare what we have seen. May God open the hearts, eyes and ears of all those seeking his perfection and his love!


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