Sunday, 14 September 2008

The false prophet

The false prophet

The Scriptures tell us that the final False Prophet can be identified by the number 666. Actually, the real original number could also be 616. This is the number of a man. In the past many persons have lived and died, whose names by chance added up to 666/616.

For example the name Benedict, is “Benedictos” in Koine Greek and adds up to 666.

Β ε ν ε δ ι κ τ ο ς TOTAL
2 5 50 5 4 10 20 300 70 200 666

Before we can say that this number identifies Benedict XVI as the False Prophet we must acknowledge that there were fifteen other popes with that name. Also, we leave out the suffix “16th”, or XVI which I think should be added as well. Undoubtedly there were also a certain number of other persons with that name as well.

How than can the true False Prophet be recognized? By following the instructions of Jesus Christ who said: “by their fruits, you shall know them” (Matthew7:16-20). The final False Prophet will have certain powers (Revelation 13:13) and he will call for an image (likeness) of the first beast (the Roman Empire or the UN) to be made and he will be able to give life to the image (make the likeness, the Empire come into existence).

The true final false Prophet will have power to do miracles, he will call for a new order in Europe and he will have the power to bring this new order about. He will also have the number 666/616 within his name or title. All of these things together will identify him as the finale False Prophet.


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