Tuesday, 23 September 2008

US Hands Over Suitcase Nukes To Al Qaida In Pakistan

Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that the massive blast that caused 53 deaths at the Islamabad Marriott hotel in Pakistan was an operation conducted by India's foreign intelligence agency The Research and Analysis Wing [ RAW ] in an attempt to ‘decapitate‘ Pakistan’s entire leadership, including their President, Prime Minister and Military Chiefs all of whom, at the last minute ‘ changed the location of their planned meeting with the United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, who had arrived in their country unannounced .

It goes on to speak on suitcase nukes!...it finishes....

Also, and as we had reported on in our September 16 th report US To Declare October ‘Economic Emergency’, Suspend Elections , the use of these suitcase nuclear weapons do, indeed, appear to be designed to deal the final death of the Western Nations political and economic structures in their continued efforts to shock their citizens senseless and allow them to institute the final set of laws needed to totally enslave these peoples forever.

Russia-China Prepare Massive Gold ‘Shock’ For Global Economy

A visibly angry Prime Minister Putin addressing the media during his visit with French Prime Minister Francois Fillon in Sochi blasted the United States plans for dealing with the collapse of the Western Banking system by stating, ‘ We all need to think about changing the architecture of international finances and diversifying risks. The whole world economy cannot depend on one money-printing machine ‘.

‘Seven Days That Shook The World’: Democracy In America Dies

‘The free market for all intents and purposes is dead in America. The action proposed today by the Treasury Department will take away the free market and institute socialism in America’, declared US Senator Jim Bunning in one the most extraordinary weeks in American history that Britain’s The Independent News Service has described as ‘ Seven Days That Shook The World ‘, and which asks the question as to who is going to pay for the $1 Trillion now but upon the already overburdened US taxpayers backs:

Economic World War Has Begun, Warns Russia

In a very disturbing report to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev today from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation , the greatest fears for our World’s economic system have been realized as the Ministry is warning that a ‘full fledged ‘ Economic World War is now underway with the main ‘ target ‘ being the United States Federal Reserve System, and whose Chairman, Ben Bernanke, admitted to the Chicago Tribune News Service yesterday that they have ‘lost Control ‘ of the American economy.

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