Friday, 19 September 2008

International Banking Collapse

Something that most people probably do not realize is happening. Take a look at the chart in this link and the story is quite telling. You will notice that almost all of the stock trading that lifted the markets today was fueled by the billions of dollars injected into the financial sector by the central bank itself. You can see by the shear volume of the stocks traded by these corporate thieves were not only a last minute deal to prop up the markets but a complete raping of the US economy in the form of a another loan to the government. This brings the total of loans to over five trillion dollars in the past couple of weeks as a reward to the banking industry of the failed policies of the government.

Congress has backed out of the situation completely and has allowed the fox (Federal Reserve) to completely run the henhouse on this one just as the other 11 central banks have been allowed to do. This is a complete sell out to “we the people” who entrusted these “elected” officials to direct fiscal policy.

The central banks have just about succeeded in their quest to bankrupt every nation on the planet.

Do not think that this was by accident! It is all just another phase of the NWO plan coupled along with the fear mongering in the guise of world wide terror. Everything they are doing is by their own hand and does not reflect the will of the people in any way. They have completely removed our voice from their plans and have everything in place for the final phase of this assault, that being the mother of all false flag attacks to kick off the “clash of civilizations” we have been expecting for some time now. The Great Tribulation will be in full bloom after that.

Of course the result of the great global war will be the final blow to bankrupting our nations and massive death and destruction. It will render all of our money supplies useless due to the hyperinflation it triggered and we will have to go back to bartering for food and supplies. We all know that martial law will quickly ensue so that the ruling elite can remain hidden and in the caves and bunkers without fear of lynching. But we also know these things must take place.

The ultimate goal for them is the NWO under a one world government and one world bank all using the same monetary system for buying and selling. It will be sold as the only answer to this global crisis that they themselves created. The bright side is that it will also bring to consummation all wickedness while ushering in the Kingdom of God with a rule of love and true righteousness!


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