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Chronological Highlights of Enoch, Moses and Elijah

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Both Enoch and Elijah were main prophets of God for the system of things in which they had to carry out their work. In fact, these two characters are two perfect steps on the ladder to reconstruction of biblical chronology.

Jewish tradition states that both disappeared from the earth on the day of Pentecost (52 days after Easter). And according to the biblical chronology we have reconstructed, both began their work in the middle of a significant period.

In the case of Enoch, he began his prophetic assignment precisely in the centre of the life of Enosh. The life of Enosh represents the post-flood period during which man can “call upon the name of YHWH” properly, the duration of the Abrahamic Covenant.

In the case of Elijah, he began his prophetic assignment in the centre of the first (slightly longer) part of the Abrahamic Covenant. This part of the AC gave God’s special blessing to the physical seed of Abraham and ended with the destruction of the Jewish temple, or rather with the Day of the Lord on the members of natural Israel or the children of the Law Covenant.

The Christian congregation began its prophetic work on the day of Pentecost of the year 33, in the dead centre of the Abrahamic Covenant, which expires probably in 2008.

The time data for Enoch

As we worked out, the temple of Solomon was fully operative on Tishri15 (Etanim) of 1027 BCE, exactly 3000 years after the creation of Adam.

However, Enoch was transferred during the Pentecost 3039 BCE. This means that there are 2012 years, 4 months and 10 days from this event to the inauguration of the temple. This is an important detail.

Now Enoch in turn is chronologically connected to Methuselah his son and Jared his father. How?

The conception / birth of Methuselah occurs just before the beginning of Enoch’s prophetic service.

The life span of Methuselah ends just before the start of the flood, the destruction of the world which Enoch prophesied.

Jared begat Enoch when he was 162 years old, probably a representation of the 1620 years of separation between the "foundation of the world" (3993-3990 BCE) and the Flood (2373-2370 BCE)

To sum it up…

· Jared was born in the year 3567/3566 BCE

· Jared died 962 years (162 800 years) later in the year 2605/2604 BCE

· Enoch was born in the year 3405/3404 BCE

· Enoch was transferred 365 years later in the year 3040/3039 BCEC [Pentecost 3039 BCE]

· Methuselah was born in the year 3340/3339 BCEC [Born before Pentecost.]

· Methuselah died 969 years years later in the year 2371/2370 BCE, before the Deluge

Note: There are 2300 years since the death of Enosh (summer/autumn of 2887 BCE) and 587 BCE, the year of the destruction of the temple!

The time data for Elijah

Elijah began to prophesy during the reign of the wicked king Ahab, which would have begun around 939 BCE and would have ended 22 years later, around 917 BCE.

The Abrahamic Covenant was made after Abraham crossed the Euphrates to enter the Promised Land, after the death of Terah. We know that crossing the Euphrates River occurred on Nisan14, 1943 BCE, but the order was issued some time before. We know that Abraham was 75 years old when he entered Canaan. Jewish tradition though has it that he was born on Nisan1. So he might have turned 75 on Nisan1 1943BCE. It is most likely that he started to obey Jehovah’s command and started traveling to Canaa exactly on that day, Nisan1 1943BCE.

It is important to note that from Nisan1 1943 BCE until the day of the destruction of the Second Temple of YHWH, on Ab10 70CE, there are 2012 years, 4 months and 10 days. This is the same amount of time between the transfer of Enoch and the inauguration of the first temple.

It is quite remarkable that Elijah began his ministry on the day of Pentecost. Why? Well, Pentecost is the 6th day of the 3rd month of the year, the 66th day of the year. Thus, the prophetic ministry of Elijah began in the midst of this period of 2012 years, 4 months and 10 days. To see this easily we have…

· There are 1006 years from Nisan1 1943 BCE until Nisan1 937 BCE

· There are 65 days from Nisan1 937 BCE until Pentecost 937 BCE

· There are 65 days from the Pentecost of 937 BCE until Ab10 937 BCE

· There are 1006 years from Ab10 937BCE until Ab10 70 CE.

There is another great macro hidden here. Since Elijah began his service as God’s anointed witness on Pentecost 937 BCE and the Christian congregation began her service as God’s spirit anointed witness on Pentecost 33 CE, there are 969 years between those two anointing. It is not a coincidence that this was the age of Methuselah. The Scriptures indicate that Methuselah was fathered by Enoch just before he started his 300 years of prophesying. In fact, the son of Enoch marked the generation that would see the punishment from Jehovah Enoch prophesied. This reminds us on Jesus’ words…

“This generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur. (Matthew24:34)

Moses and the day of Pentecost

Moses also appears as a representative of the chosen people of God. In fact, after his death his body was nowhere to be found, so he is a representation of the Messiah who died and whose body was taken by God. Later, from Pentecost onwards, his disciples constituted his new “body”, the church.

The Bible tells us that the Israelites wept for 30 days after Moses died. After this period of mourning, Israel crossed the Jordan three or four days later. The Bible says explicitly that the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on Nisan10 1473 BCE. This allows us to actually know the date of the death of Moses.

Moses had to have died 33/34 days before Nisan10, which leads us to Adar6/7 1474 BCE.

However, the Scriptures indicate that Moses came to live 120 years. Since he died by divine appointment, we understand that Moses died the same day he was born. This leads us to conclude that he was born on Adar6/7 1593 BCE, 3600 years ago.

But the Scriptures also tell us that Moses was hidden by his parents for three lunar months. If we add 3 lunar months to Adar6/7 1593 BCE, we arrive on Sivan6 1592 BCE, the day of Pentecost 1592 BCE! This synchronizes Moses with the pattern of Enoch and Elijah. All 3 were a prophetic representation of the elect.

We will continue to research this subject. Please feel free and comment and help us.

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