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A new idea as regards the Wild Beast

Dear readers!

Below you can find a copy of a distribution I received from one of my readers. I have not yet fully examined his idea but it seems at least possible. Enjoy reading and let me know what you think.

“Hi Mike that is nice work. In answer to your 3 rd question, I am at doubt as to who is actually taking that wealth and we all know that in any investigation it is important to follow the money! So with that, unless the Zionist banks (those operated by the Federal Reserve) that are buying up the independent banks (who have been forced into bankruptcy by the Fed) for pennies on the dollar also end up being seized by the government (FBI) for fraud investigation, I would have to say the wealth is being taken by the Rothschild’s whom I might add are the owners of most of the central banks of the world. The question then becomes, who really are these kings (if from a secular point of view)? I do not believe that the president of the US is a king of anything but is merely a “puppet” governor of the country as most presidential figures in the West are.

We do have a dichotomy in ideologies that for the most part includes the West and what they like to call “democracy”, and the East, which for a lack of a better term we will call “socialism”. I would say that we have a similar situation with regard to religious factions; however that is a bit more complex and inclusive so we will look only at the secular for now.

For the scenario you script here to unfold, there would have to be a complete breakdown of the Western financial system to include of course the European states. There lies the rub, for who really is behind all of this. If the ultimate goal is a NWO with one financial system I would have to say that the king of the north and the king of the south might be two aristocrat families feuding over total control by using their spheres of influence to accomplish their personal quest to be the top dog. But it may be much deeper than that…..

As much as I have analyzed this, the more I wonder how much the UN actually has to do with all of this as they are not even a paper tiger right now. Consider this:

“And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as [the feet] of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” (Revelation13:2)

The Soviet Union is the only real “hybrid” nation that fits this description (albeit China now uses this model to an extent). It is using a morphed system of political modus to include socialism “feet of a bear”, economic liberalization (a form of controlled capitalism) “like unto a leopard”, and certainly maintains is dictatorial power “mouth of a lion”. Add to this, at least from a secular standpoint, Russia has a great relationship with China (symbolized today secularly as a dragon) whom would be a formidable alliance if it were to give its power and authority to Russia . They not only have the combined finances but huge military machines enough to impost their will on many…

Since 1917 and the beginning of the Communist Party we have an interesting view develop.

The USSR under the Communist Party itself only had 7 heads of regnal power as Malenkov (1953) who filled in for Stalin after his death for a few months had no regnal power. Not only that, It was the 7 th head (Gorbachev) that did receive what appeared to be a mortal wound when the Communist Party fell from power and the USSR broke up spelling what we assumed to be the end of the matter at the time.

But we now know that this deadly wound has since been healed and the world is definitely wondering after it right now (certainly no one wondered after the UN and their ad-hoc return to power in Iraq which is all but forgotten by any who actually regarded it in the first place). Also since this presence if you include the three presidential positions after the fall of Communist Russia i.e. the USSR and the re-emergence of Russia, you will see there have been ten horns.

It is also widely known that in modern times no country has persecuted Christians (or any with faith in God) to the extent that Communist Russia did especially during Lenin years. In fact Lenin believed he was God and set himself up as such much like the Pope did and either imprisoned or executed those who opposed him! So the Communist Party was certainly given a mouth to blaspheme God….I guess what I am getting at is that we should take another hard look at this whole picture as we are beginning to see prophecy being fulfilled in real time. We may have to tweak our understandings a bit?

Is it possible that the first beast in Revelation is the Soviet Union and the second is the Western powers. When the Soviet Union fell, we embraced them and worked hard to forge good relations with them and in fact helped them back up (albeit with other motives in mind i.e. their wealth of resources). The same may be true of the reverse in that they will come to our aid and our leaders who need to be bailed out will sell their souls and our country to the highest bidder. In other words they just may make an image to the beast and tell the world to worship it since its ideological model reigns supreme (not to mention their newly funded loyalty to them).

It seems to me that the powers of the world needed something that would work for their NWO to prosper but this could only be established by testing all of the different schools of thought by practical application. This has been systematically accomplished through the various nations by using and manipulating their societies through the differing ideological models we have today (and there are a lot of them). The greatest of these were capitalism and communism. The collapse of Wall Street showed the fallacy of uncontrolled greed in an unrestrained market place (pure capitalism). The poor levels of production in Russia and the early years of China showed the fallacy of this socialistic view (pure communism) so neither has real merit by itself.

But Russia is now the culmination of these tests cases as they have adopted the best of these national experiments into what I would call “transcendualism” a hybrid of the most effective models of society. It combines capitalism and communism along with dictatorial power into one package which makes it easy to control since merely the act of buying and selling will only be allowed to those who accept it. The genocidal wars and the eugenics wars were all part of this process to remove opposition to the propped up models.

This must have been their goal all along, and the game is just now reaching the end. However for it to come to fruition, the powers still must invoke people to accept this new form of government on a global scale by causing a series of global catastrophes for it is the only way to get them to give up their “God” given rights and to follow after the “state” for peace and security. If this is the case, it would seem that not only total financial collapse must occur but the value of money must disintegrate for this particular phase of the plan to work. They must couple that with a global war of “biblical proportions” in order to accomplish the complete breakdown of the collective will of society on a global scale. .

These things must happen pretty fast or we are looking at a prolonged time period. God forbid! It appears on the surface anyway that there are just simply too many things yet to occur for them to happen in such a short time (but then with God anything is possible!)“


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Rob said...

It is beyond comprehension to me how a self-proclaimed "lover of G-d" could possibly post this diatribe written by an obvious bigot.

The article states:
"...unless the Zionist banks (those operated by the Federal Reserve) that are buying up the independent banks (who have been forced into bankruptcy by the Fed) for pennies on the dollar also end up being seized by the government (FBI) for fraud investigation, I would have to say the wealth is being taken by the Rothschild’s whom I might add are the owners of most of the central banks of the world."

Why don't you just come out and say what he (and you?) really mean? Wouldn't it be easier to simply post a complete copy of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and be done with it?!

But then, what else should I expect from a letter written by an Austrian and put up by a blogger who has posted a speech by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, saying how beautiful it is?