Friday, 19 September 2008

Bank "rescue" plan confirmed

Paulson confirms bank rescue plan

US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has confirmed that the government will introduce a plan to remove bad debt from US banks' balance sheets. From this statement it is clear who the “government” is. It is the corporate entity called the United States of America . The US was once a constitutional republic.

He said such a "bold" move was necessary so credit could flow to companies and consumers and restore the health of the financial system. [this credit flow is what caused the destruction in the first place!]

The details will be thrashed out with members of Congress over the weekend. [In other words they will be told what to do by their corporate owners]

Once this difficult period is over [which will never come] , he said the government's next task would be to overhaul bank regulations.

Mr Paulson said that the programme must be "large enough to have maximum impact" and will involve "a significant investment of taxpayer dollars" . [I don’t have to tell you what this means]

But he warned that it will be far less costly to American families than the alternative scenario. [this is a lie, it would be far less costly to allow the corrupt banks to go insolvent and give the trillions of dollars to the American families in monthly distributions. They would spend the money on goods and services which would actually boost the economy and turn this trend around. The central banking scam should be abolished and the constitutional republic put back into force. Congress should be the only ones to coin money and without usury to the states for public works programs and other internal needs. It should be backed by a real commodity so that it actually has value.]

The alternative he describes in an apocalyptic message as "a continuing series of financial institutions and frozen credit markets unable to fund economic expansion". [in other words the central banks would not be able to lend you anymore counterfeit dollars at interest - it would be the end of their criminal enterprise. The only apocalypse would be to the elite who have a stake in this extortion of the people of the world – economic expansion does not benefit the taxpayer when they have to fund the damn thing!]

He said the government would work with Congress to pass laws in the next week. [I can’t wait to see what these look like!]

In the meantime, he said that the government would be stepping up action to increase the availability of capital for new home loans [again government meaning the corporate government is taking over all aspects of your life to include getting into the lending business as a subsidiary to the central banks. They have taken over!] .

Bottom line is that we are bankrupt as a nation (or should I say corporation because that is what this country is now) and they are adding fuel to the fire by borrowing our way out of this bankruptcy. This is completely insane. I am guessing the only solution to this will be a revolution by the taxpayers as has never been seen before in this country. The Boston Tea Party will pale in comparison. Of course, this is not just a US issue because the whole world is gong through this which tells me it is an orchestrated global takeover bid. One has to wonder if the people who are driving these rescue plans even know what they are doing of if they too are just pawns like the rest of the worlds leaders and cannot see beyond their particular square of the board??


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