Sunday, 28 December 2008

Israeli Airstrike Began as Deduced On This Site

Dear friends!

Well, the massive strikes of Israel against Gaza began on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 27 which was Kislev30 on the Jewish calendar.

So it seems we got the timing for this event spot on. We have to wait and see now how this conflict escalets.

These attacks might be a chronological marker for the next big event we are to expect: a major terrorist attack.

Let's keep our eyes open and ask the Lord for guidance and wisdom.

May God bless his children,


Sunday, 21 December 2008

War in Gaza is about to begin at Christmas time!

The truce Officially ended in Gaza at 6 am local time, 19 Dec 08. The missile fire has continued. Israel has now approved a GAZA Operation. This Wednesdays Security Cabinet meeting is expected to approve the timing, final details and a list of targets for aerial bombardment.

The US, Russia and Egypt have already been informed. PM Olmert is to visit Turkey on Monday. Turkey may become involved when this war begins to spread, as Syrian or Iranian missiles may be directed at US Bases in Turkey. Turkish air space may also be used. Foreign Minister Livni will meet with European and UN Security Council Representatives.

The attack is expected to begin with an aerial bombardment of militant bases, storage and training facilities, infrastructure, communications and command systems; including the attempted assassinations of leadership personalities.

The militants are expected to respond with large barrages of missiles, which may reach Ashdod and Be'er Sheva. The possibility of suicide attacks within Israel is also high. As this progresses, it will acquire a life of it's own, resulting in the long expected ground invasion. For a general overview please re read THE IMMINENT MIDDLE EAST WAR page. It is highly likely to spread to Hezbullah and Iran. I have been warning of this. This spreading and escalation will appear to be natural and accidental, it is not; it has been planned, it is deliberate; and intended to make a complete change in the Middle East.

This entry, was made today, December 21.

The decision on a Gaza operation was made last Thursday. PM Olmert to visit Turkey tomorrow, with Livni and others presenting their case to the Europeans. Russia and Egypt have already been informed. Action will begin with an aerial bombardment and then gain a life of it's own as the enemy responds.

This Wednesday's Security Cabinet meeting is expected to approve target lists and decide on timing.,7340,L-3641853,00.html

THE operations goal will be to overthrow and destroy Hamas and other militants.

We can expect the bombardment to begin any time after Wednesday, although the timing will be subject to political and military considerations.

On Saturday the US Chief of the General Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen announced that the Pentagon will surge up to 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan by early summer; subject to approval be President Obama. I have warned that this was coming. B Obama is saying that the war started in Afghanistan and will FINISH there. He intends to approve an Afghan offensive for next summer to destroy al Qaeda and end the war by fall. This presupposes that Hamas, Hezbullah and Iran have already been dealt with. This has all been carefully planned out and prepared for. It is all being allowed by Almighty God to fulfill His will and the Holy Scripture.

After 18 months of a Roller Coaster ride, covering the ups and downs of the ongoing events we are finally arriving at the core events that I have been warning of. May God bless his children, Mike

Monday, 8 December 2008

Kislev8, Pentecost, the calendar change and the GT

Dear brothers in the hope!

It's been a while since my last post here.

I had to reconsider my findings, my position and our chronology.
It is still not 100% fixed, we just see that things are brewing up and that the chronological model of the sanctuary still seems to be valid. But I feel that at least one vital aspect or understanding is missing and we have still to fine tune our understanding.

Nontheless I decided to inform all my readers of the following possibility.

We have discussed here and on many times the possibility that the calendar change that occured in Nisan 1543 BCE where the start of the year was changed from Tishri (autumn) to Nisan (spring) is undone in Tishri 2008, 6000 years after Adam sinned.

Thus, if the divine counting of years was returned to the original manner, there is a chance that all the 3 major festivals of the Lord are also shifted by 6 months.

This would mean that the festival of Pentecost could be celebrated on Kislev6 instead of Sivan6.

According to the idealized 360 Biblical Lunar Calendar with 12 months to 30 days each, this date of Kislev6 will beginn today at sundown, December8 and would last until December9 sundown.

We know too that there is to be a fulfillment of Acts2 and Joel2 in the last days of this whole system, a fulfillment in the time of the end. Therefore on this day we might be experiencing a rushing stiff breeze, a 'violent blowing' (literal translation), maybe an explosion. This could be the first "fire from heaven" and a rising mushroom cloud from the sea of 1Kings18.

The fulfillment could be a terrorist attack on Manhattan (NYC), with a more or less simultaneous attack on the UK.
These things would symbolize or announce the coming of Jesus on the clouds. If this event follows the pattern of the original Christian Pentecost scenario, they would occur between 8:40 and 9:40 am EST on December9.

Again and obviously, I might be wrong on that. It is not an inspired understanding but a deduction based on the chronological study of the Scriptures.

May God bless the faithful and save his children,


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What really is the “mark of the beast”?

In biblical terms political empires are pictured as “beasts”. We can find such identifications in Isaiah30:6, Daniel7:12, 17 or Revelation13.

Now history shows us that every empire has an own currency and so every beast has coinage with its image upon it so really the image of the beast is the financial system it creates. Indeed the purpose of military conquest has in the past been to gain an unfair financial advantage, over your opponent, to make his a slave of your financial system, to make him worship your image.

Jesus asked the temple tax collectors: Whose image and inscription is this? But he might as well have said: Whose image and engraving (mark) is this. He is giving us a vital clue to the meaning of Revelation13.

Now the financial system has actually received a death stroke from either the huge mountain of securitized mortgage derivatives or actually from Hank Paulson when he dropped Lehman brothers which destroyed interbank lending and caused the credit crunch.

But just as the UK/US 7th world power has been militarily conquered by the UN 8th world power through the UNICC, which has the power to arrest the Commander in Chief of the US, so the image of the 7th power, the Dollar and the Pound, in fact the whole dollar based banking system must be replaced with a UN image, a financial system bearing the image of the UN, a UN financial system. This will be a new financial world order since every beast gets a financial system, its image.

So we know that the dollar and the pound will collapse and then the UN will be used to make a new world currency or currencies. The 2 horned beast of the UK/US will breathe political life into this new financial order.

Today people worship money not political entities like the UN.

The fascinating thing here is that the sword stroke/death stroke is a deliberate act. So the credit crunch was deliberately triggered. The present financial system has deliberately been given a death stroke 7 years after the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centres!

May God bless his children,


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Good News For All The Planet

October 8, 2012 ----------------- 2012 Tishri/Ethanim 22

Is this the date of the release of the "great crowd" from the "great tribulation"?

This release will occur 11 biblical years (3960 days) after
Oct. 9, 2001.

This event will mark the end of the 1335 days for the Great Crowd!

The "disgusting thing causing desolation" was placed in the United Nations on
July 14, 2005 (2005Tammuz7)

We are getting close to the end of its first 1290 days of existence.

The "great crowd" of Revelation 7:9 will very likely be liberated from the "great tribulation" on 2012Ethanim22, on the last day of the Festival of Tabernacles or ‘Booths’, 11 years after the biblical trial against the "house of God" began on 2001Ethanim22 (see link).

It is no wonder that the "great crowd" of the vision has palm branches in their hands. After all, this is a representation of the festivities during the last day of the Feast of Booths on 22Ethanim. This day is a festival Sabbath, a day of rest and a lot of joy, according to the law (Leviticus
23:39, 40). The Kingdom of Thousand Years probably begins on this day.

How to deduce the date

The starting point is the conception of the Alliance of Civilizations on 2004Ethanim7 (Sept. 21) and its establishment in the United Nations 9 biblical months later, on 2005Tammuz7 (2005 July 14). We discovered that this
Alliance is actually the "disgusting thing causing desolation", the emblem or sign that will be carried by the modern day devastating armies, the "ten horns" of the United Nations, when the UN will attack the traditional religious system.

There action will aim to achieve peace between the ‘seed of Isaac’ (Jews and Christians) and the ‘seed of Ishmael’ (Muslims), all the sons of Abraham. But actually it will be an ‘abomination’ intended to replace the Abrahamic Covenant, removing the true meaning of the promises of Jehovah, the God of the Bible.

This idol of apostasy was praised on
November 13, 2008 (15 Heshvan) as the hope for peace in the 21st century. This is the way to achieve peace and security will turn people away from God!

Just a few days ago we realized that since the birth of the Alliance of Civilizations, we would have to count "1290 days", that is 43 lunar months. These 1290 biblical days will be completed on 2008Shebat7. If we can properly determine the solar equivalent of this day we will know the start date of the "1335 days" that will be left until the release of the faithful.

If the biblical 2008 began in March this year Shebat7 will be
January 2, 2009, if it began in April (according to the Jewish calendar) it will be February 1, 2009.

Are you ready to face the outlawing of true Christianity? It seems to start in
Europe in early 2009, but the United Nations will ensure that this ban will spread throughout the world. So the "great tribulation" will be fully blowing around the Passover of 2009.

If we start to count the 1335 days of Daniel 12 on 2008Shebat7 however, the count of 44.5 biblical months will take us 2012Tishri/Ethanim22, the festival Sabbath of the festival of the ‘final ingathering’!!

Today, the authors of this site discovered that this will be exactly 11 biblical years (or ‘times’) after 2001Ethanim/Tishri22, when the organisation of true Christians disassociated itself from the UN-DPI. The accuracy of this period is surprising:

There are 1335 days between 2001Tishri22 and 2005Tammuz7.

There are 1290 days between 2005Tammuz7 and 2008Shebat7.
There are 1335 days between 2008Shebat7 and 2012Tishri22.

We wondered why there was a period of 1335 days before the placement of the "disgusting thing". The answer, quite simply, was that this amount is the number of missing biblical days to complete 11 years.

By adding 1,335 1,290 and 1,335 days, we get 3960 days (11 "times" of 360 days).

Before you consider that this is just a coincidence, let me show you the evidence that they actually release for the faithful happens on 2012Ethanim/Tishri22.

The end of the 11 "times"

The 3960 years (11 "times") began on BCE1949Ethanim22, when the Lord began to intervene in the life of Abraham, giving him a mandate to get out of
Ur of the Chaldeans. Jesus died in the centre of that period, in the year that began in Ethanim 32 CE. Apparently the sacrifice of the Messiah occurred in Abib due to the calendar change commanded by YHWH at the time of the Exodus.

This explains why in the representation of the tabernacle in the wilderness there were "eleven tent clothes" (Exodus 26:7, 8.) Each "tent cloth" represented a "time".

7 “And you must make cloths of goat’s hair for the tent upon the tabernacle. You will make eleven tent cloths. 8 The length of each tent cloth is thirty cubits, and the width of each tent cloth is four cubits. There is one measure for the eleven tent cloths. (Exodus26)

This means that at the end of the 11 biblical years since 2001 there will have passed 11 full biblical ‘times’ of 360 years each since God began to speak to Abraham. The trial of those who purport to represent the Abrahamic Covenant will be implemented first through the Alliance of Civilizations.

These 3960 years can also be divided into 3 parts. The firstborn son was to receive double the inheritance of the second born. This means that Isaac inherited a double portion of time as regards the land while Ishmael inherited one part. The 2640 years of Isaac are counted from the autumn of 1949 BCE to the autumn of 692 BCE when the construction of the Dome of the Rock in
Jerusalem was completed. From that date until 2012 CE we are living in the designated time of Ishmael, who is represented by religious Muslims. It is therefore very likely that, the physical mosque/temple there will be destroyed forever on the 10th day of Ab 2012.

At the end of the 42-month ban which starts on 2008Shebat7, the time will come for God to intervene on behalf of his people and to release them from their afflictions and persecutions. In biblical terms, this period will end on 2012Ab7 (July 26). Then, about 3 days later on Ab10, - on the very same day that Jehovah’s temple was destroyed twice - the time for the final destruction of the shrines of all false religions will come.

Are not you glad you know all these things? The coming days will be days of spiritual wealth for true Christians. But it will also be a period of shaking for those who are not prepared spiritually. The choice is yours!

Friday, 14 November 2008

At an hour you do not think to be it the son of man is coming!

44 You too prove yourselves ready for at an hour that you (plural) do not think to be it, the Son of man is coming (Matthew 24).

The son of man comes upon the mushroom cloud of 1Kings18 in our understanding. So that cloud too will come at an hour that we do not think to be it. If only we had seen that before! If you think clearly about what this scripture means, you discover that the true Christians, those who will prove themselves ready for the return of the son of man, will indeed think that he is coming at a certain hour, but that hour will be wrong!

The scripture means that true Christians will attempt to calculate the 'hour' of the return of the Christ. For if you make no effort to calculate the hour of his coming then he cannot come at an hour that you do not think to be it since you are not thinking about any hours.

In verse 42 of the same chapter the Christians who are chosen or abandoned at a coming of the Lord, do not know what day the their Lord is coming (to appoint a new church and reject an old one). In verse 50, the Master comes to the evil slave on a day that he did not expect and in an hour that he did not know .

But in verse 44 the son of man comes at an hour that his followers do not think to be it. So by comparison we see that his ready followers do know the day of his return. But the hour that they think to be it, is incorrect. Now 'hour' means day here and 'day' means month. Nobody cares what literal hour of the day Jesus turns up at after we have been waiting for him for nigh on 2,000 years!


P.S.: Look what symbol will be centre piece at the G20 global financial summit...

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Agenda for the Global Financial Summit

Dear Readers!

We have warned about November15 for months now and we expect the empowering of an entity controlling the global financial system since the pubic announcement that there will be a financial summit in Washington on that very day…

Here is what I found today…

Preparations for the economic summit in Washington on November 15 are well advanced. Here are the five points which are currently on the agenda to be adopted by the invited heads of state. The overall philosophy is to continue globalization by reinforcing free trade and by creating a world economic government under the IMF.

The IMF Program reads as follows:

"1) require the credit rating agencies to be registered and monitored and submit to rules of governance;

2) halt the principle of a convergence of accounting standards and re-examine the application of the fair market value rule in the financial field, so as to improve its coherence with the rules of prudence and conservatism;

3) to resolve that no market segment, territory, or financial institution shall escape from a proportionate and adequate regulation, or at the least, surveillance;

4) set up a code of conduct to avoid excessive risk-taking in the financial industry, including in the area of compensation. Supervisors will have to follow this code in evaluating the risk profiles of financial institutions;

5) to entrust to the IMF the primary responsibility, along with the FSF (Financial Stability Forum - Basel), to recommend the necessary measures to restore confidence and stability.

The IMF must be equipped with the essential resources and suitable instruments to support countries in difficulty, and to exert its role of macroeconomic surveillance to the fullest."

The Great Tribulation that started September29/30 is about to reach the next level.

May God keep his children!