Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What really is the “mark of the beast”?

In biblical terms political empires are pictured as “beasts”. We can find such identifications in Isaiah30:6, Daniel7:12, 17 or Revelation13.

Now history shows us that every empire has an own currency and so every beast has coinage with its image upon it so really the image of the beast is the financial system it creates. Indeed the purpose of military conquest has in the past been to gain an unfair financial advantage, over your opponent, to make his a slave of your financial system, to make him worship your image.

Jesus asked the temple tax collectors: Whose image and inscription is this? But he might as well have said: Whose image and engraving (mark) is this. He is giving us a vital clue to the meaning of Revelation13.

Now the financial system has actually received a death stroke from either the huge mountain of securitized mortgage derivatives or actually from Hank Paulson when he dropped Lehman brothers which destroyed interbank lending and caused the credit crunch.

But just as the UK/US 7th world power has been militarily conquered by the UN 8th world power through the UNICC, which has the power to arrest the Commander in Chief of the US, so the image of the 7th power, the Dollar and the Pound, in fact the whole dollar based banking system must be replaced with a UN image, a financial system bearing the image of the UN, a UN financial system. This will be a new financial world order since every beast gets a financial system, its image.

So we know that the dollar and the pound will collapse and then the UN will be used to make a new world currency or currencies. The 2 horned beast of the UK/US will breathe political life into this new financial order.

Today people worship money not political entities like the UN.

The fascinating thing here is that the sword stroke/death stroke is a deliberate act. So the credit crunch was deliberately triggered. The present financial system has deliberately been given a death stroke 7 years after the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centres!

May God bless his children,


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