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The NorthCom Exercise and Isaiah30:26

Dear Readers!

I would like to share a letter with you that was played into my hands a concerned member of the political establishment…


Dear Dr. Fetzer:

Despite strong concerns generated by the Marriott Hotel Islamabad bombing as a fairly obvious inside job, I have felt reluctant to draft another alert unless we have something reasonably solid in terms of a major upcoming military exercise or geopolitical event as an anchor point that might also be coincident with a possible terror date code.

Today I uncovered a prime candidate. A Public Affairs Officer at USNORTHCOM told me that Vigilant Shield '09 is coming up around November 11th. (The exercise is "'09" because in October we enter the government fiscal year of 2009). It will be one of the two major exercises for the year, the other having been NLE 2-08 run from 1-8 May (specifically targeting Seattle) that we covered in a prior joint alert.

USNORTHCOM has not released any information yet on the upcoming exercise. The public affairs officer said that he was not aware of any other exercises between now and 11 November.

This exercise will take place a little over seven weeks following the Marriott Hotel Islamabad bombing, compared to the roughly three weeks following the 3-11-2004 Madrid and London 7-7-2005 bombings when the BP Texas City refinery experienced explosions. However, the Bali 10-1-2005 and Amman, Jordan 11-9-2005 bombings came more than eleven weeks before what many believe was the aborted 1-31-2006 nuke attempt on BP Texas City, so we might see an echo of this second pattern rather than the first.

While it may be a little bit early yet to issue a full scale public alert based upon the limited information I have obtained so far about the VS09 exercise, it would help if recipients of this email could keep a sharp eye out for other possible exercise-related indicators, to include details about Vigilant Shield '09 itself.

I am trying to think of ways that there could be some kind of political logic for Al-CIA-Mossad-duh to stage a false flag domestic terror event after the 4 Nov elections as opposed to before them. As one idea, perhaps the Bush cabal handlers may reason that they will still have King George as their continuing Zombie-Golem to oversee a false flag attack in his capacity as lame duck President, but at the same time they will be able to closely advise the President-elect on how to react publicly to the grave consequences of a false flag event as training wheels for when he later assumes office.

I appreciate whatever input recipients of this email can provide.

Sadly, the latest update I got from Patti Woodard is that Capt May remains incapacitated, and it is still unknown when or if he may improve. Perhaps Patti can help me get this message out to all researchers.

Best regards,

Bill Fox


So we see that there is some major uproar about this exercise which we also be held during the global financial summit on Nov15.

Another reader sent me some comments about his thoughts on Isaiah 30:26:

“We had previously thought that the 7 years were the 7 calendar years starting Nisan2001; and that the 7 months were 7 calendar months from Nisan2008 to Tishri2008.

Reading your postings, I see that Heshvan15 converts in the Jewish calendar to November 12/13. A full moon starts on the morning of November 13.

I then looked at Heshvan7, 2001 on the BLC, and this is shown as
28 October 2001. Seven full Gregorian years takes us to 28th October 2008 which was a new moon.

The question then arises: Can Isaiah 30:26 be considered in terms of 7 Gregorian years followed by 7 lunar cycles which started on 28th October the first full moon being on the 13th of November?”

I replied that these might be different kinds of cycles or 'times'. The Scripture mentions the 'moon' and the 'glowing' representing the sun. Maybe that is a cryptic hint to take it just as you did. 7 cycles of real 'solar years' followed by 7 cycles of 7 lunar months!

The fascinating 'coincidence' is that the great NorthCom nuclear anti-terror exercise starts today... So it will be on during the full moon AND during the global summit…

May our Lord comes soon,


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