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Good News For All The Planet

October 8, 2012 ----------------- 2012 Tishri/Ethanim 22

Is this the date of the release of the "great crowd" from the "great tribulation"?

This release will occur 11 biblical years (3960 days) after
Oct. 9, 2001.

This event will mark the end of the 1335 days for the Great Crowd!

The "disgusting thing causing desolation" was placed in the United Nations on
July 14, 2005 (2005Tammuz7)

We are getting close to the end of its first 1290 days of existence.

The "great crowd" of Revelation 7:9 will very likely be liberated from the "great tribulation" on 2012Ethanim22, on the last day of the Festival of Tabernacles or ‘Booths’, 11 years after the biblical trial against the "house of God" began on 2001Ethanim22 (see link).

It is no wonder that the "great crowd" of the vision has palm branches in their hands. After all, this is a representation of the festivities during the last day of the Feast of Booths on 22Ethanim. This day is a festival Sabbath, a day of rest and a lot of joy, according to the law (Leviticus
23:39, 40). The Kingdom of Thousand Years probably begins on this day.

How to deduce the date

The starting point is the conception of the Alliance of Civilizations on 2004Ethanim7 (Sept. 21) and its establishment in the United Nations 9 biblical months later, on 2005Tammuz7 (2005 July 14). We discovered that this
Alliance is actually the "disgusting thing causing desolation", the emblem or sign that will be carried by the modern day devastating armies, the "ten horns" of the United Nations, when the UN will attack the traditional religious system.

There action will aim to achieve peace between the ‘seed of Isaac’ (Jews and Christians) and the ‘seed of Ishmael’ (Muslims), all the sons of Abraham. But actually it will be an ‘abomination’ intended to replace the Abrahamic Covenant, removing the true meaning of the promises of Jehovah, the God of the Bible.

This idol of apostasy was praised on
November 13, 2008 (15 Heshvan) as the hope for peace in the 21st century. This is the way to achieve peace and security will turn people away from God!

Just a few days ago we realized that since the birth of the Alliance of Civilizations, we would have to count "1290 days", that is 43 lunar months. These 1290 biblical days will be completed on 2008Shebat7. If we can properly determine the solar equivalent of this day we will know the start date of the "1335 days" that will be left until the release of the faithful.

If the biblical 2008 began in March this year Shebat7 will be
January 2, 2009, if it began in April (according to the Jewish calendar) it will be February 1, 2009.

Are you ready to face the outlawing of true Christianity? It seems to start in
Europe in early 2009, but the United Nations will ensure that this ban will spread throughout the world. So the "great tribulation" will be fully blowing around the Passover of 2009.

If we start to count the 1335 days of Daniel 12 on 2008Shebat7 however, the count of 44.5 biblical months will take us 2012Tishri/Ethanim22, the festival Sabbath of the festival of the ‘final ingathering’!!

Today, the authors of this site discovered that this will be exactly 11 biblical years (or ‘times’) after 2001Ethanim/Tishri22, when the organisation of true Christians disassociated itself from the UN-DPI. The accuracy of this period is surprising:

There are 1335 days between 2001Tishri22 and 2005Tammuz7.

There are 1290 days between 2005Tammuz7 and 2008Shebat7.
There are 1335 days between 2008Shebat7 and 2012Tishri22.

We wondered why there was a period of 1335 days before the placement of the "disgusting thing". The answer, quite simply, was that this amount is the number of missing biblical days to complete 11 years.

By adding 1,335 1,290 and 1,335 days, we get 3960 days (11 "times" of 360 days).

Before you consider that this is just a coincidence, let me show you the evidence that they actually release for the faithful happens on 2012Ethanim/Tishri22.

The end of the 11 "times"

The 3960 years (11 "times") began on BCE1949Ethanim22, when the Lord began to intervene in the life of Abraham, giving him a mandate to get out of
Ur of the Chaldeans. Jesus died in the centre of that period, in the year that began in Ethanim 32 CE. Apparently the sacrifice of the Messiah occurred in Abib due to the calendar change commanded by YHWH at the time of the Exodus.

This explains why in the representation of the tabernacle in the wilderness there were "eleven tent clothes" (Exodus 26:7, 8.) Each "tent cloth" represented a "time".

7 “And you must make cloths of goat’s hair for the tent upon the tabernacle. You will make eleven tent cloths. 8 The length of each tent cloth is thirty cubits, and the width of each tent cloth is four cubits. There is one measure for the eleven tent cloths. (Exodus26)

This means that at the end of the 11 biblical years since 2001 there will have passed 11 full biblical ‘times’ of 360 years each since God began to speak to Abraham. The trial of those who purport to represent the Abrahamic Covenant will be implemented first through the Alliance of Civilizations.

These 3960 years can also be divided into 3 parts. The firstborn son was to receive double the inheritance of the second born. This means that Isaac inherited a double portion of time as regards the land while Ishmael inherited one part. The 2640 years of Isaac are counted from the autumn of 1949 BCE to the autumn of 692 BCE when the construction of the Dome of the Rock in
Jerusalem was completed. From that date until 2012 CE we are living in the designated time of Ishmael, who is represented by religious Muslims. It is therefore very likely that, the physical mosque/temple there will be destroyed forever on the 10th day of Ab 2012.

At the end of the 42-month ban which starts on 2008Shebat7, the time will come for God to intervene on behalf of his people and to release them from their afflictions and persecutions. In biblical terms, this period will end on 2012Ab7 (July 26). Then, about 3 days later on Ab10, - on the very same day that Jehovah’s temple was destroyed twice - the time for the final destruction of the shrines of all false religions will come.

Are not you glad you know all these things? The coming days will be days of spiritual wealth for true Christians. But it will also be a period of shaking for those who are not prepared spiritually. The choice is yours!

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