Sunday, 28 December 2008

Israeli Airstrike Began as Deduced On This Site

Dear friends!

Well, the massive strikes of Israel against Gaza began on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 27 which was Kislev30 on the Jewish calendar.

So it seems we got the timing for this event spot on. We have to wait and see now how this conflict escalets.

These attacks might be a chronological marker for the next big event we are to expect: a major terrorist attack.

Let's keep our eyes open and ask the Lord for guidance and wisdom.

May God bless his children,


Sunday, 21 December 2008

War in Gaza is about to begin at Christmas time!

The truce Officially ended in Gaza at 6 am local time, 19 Dec 08. The missile fire has continued. Israel has now approved a GAZA Operation. This Wednesdays Security Cabinet meeting is expected to approve the timing, final details and a list of targets for aerial bombardment.

The US, Russia and Egypt have already been informed. PM Olmert is to visit Turkey on Monday. Turkey may become involved when this war begins to spread, as Syrian or Iranian missiles may be directed at US Bases in Turkey. Turkish air space may also be used. Foreign Minister Livni will meet with European and UN Security Council Representatives.

The attack is expected to begin with an aerial bombardment of militant bases, storage and training facilities, infrastructure, communications and command systems; including the attempted assassinations of leadership personalities.

The militants are expected to respond with large barrages of missiles, which may reach Ashdod and Be'er Sheva. The possibility of suicide attacks within Israel is also high. As this progresses, it will acquire a life of it's own, resulting in the long expected ground invasion. For a general overview please re read THE IMMINENT MIDDLE EAST WAR page. It is highly likely to spread to Hezbullah and Iran. I have been warning of this. This spreading and escalation will appear to be natural and accidental, it is not; it has been planned, it is deliberate; and intended to make a complete change in the Middle East.

This entry, was made today, December 21.

The decision on a Gaza operation was made last Thursday. PM Olmert to visit Turkey tomorrow, with Livni and others presenting their case to the Europeans. Russia and Egypt have already been informed. Action will begin with an aerial bombardment and then gain a life of it's own as the enemy responds.

This Wednesday's Security Cabinet meeting is expected to approve target lists and decide on timing.,7340,L-3641853,00.html

THE operations goal will be to overthrow and destroy Hamas and other militants.

We can expect the bombardment to begin any time after Wednesday, although the timing will be subject to political and military considerations.

On Saturday the US Chief of the General Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen announced that the Pentagon will surge up to 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan by early summer; subject to approval be President Obama. I have warned that this was coming. B Obama is saying that the war started in Afghanistan and will FINISH there. He intends to approve an Afghan offensive for next summer to destroy al Qaeda and end the war by fall. This presupposes that Hamas, Hezbullah and Iran have already been dealt with. This has all been carefully planned out and prepared for. It is all being allowed by Almighty God to fulfill His will and the Holy Scripture.

After 18 months of a Roller Coaster ride, covering the ups and downs of the ongoing events we are finally arriving at the core events that I have been warning of. May God bless his children, Mike

Monday, 8 December 2008

Kislev8, Pentecost, the calendar change and the GT

Dear brothers in the hope!

It's been a while since my last post here.

I had to reconsider my findings, my position and our chronology.
It is still not 100% fixed, we just see that things are brewing up and that the chronological model of the sanctuary still seems to be valid. But I feel that at least one vital aspect or understanding is missing and we have still to fine tune our understanding.

Nontheless I decided to inform all my readers of the following possibility.

We have discussed here and on many times the possibility that the calendar change that occured in Nisan 1543 BCE where the start of the year was changed from Tishri (autumn) to Nisan (spring) is undone in Tishri 2008, 6000 years after Adam sinned.

Thus, if the divine counting of years was returned to the original manner, there is a chance that all the 3 major festivals of the Lord are also shifted by 6 months.

This would mean that the festival of Pentecost could be celebrated on Kislev6 instead of Sivan6.

According to the idealized 360 Biblical Lunar Calendar with 12 months to 30 days each, this date of Kislev6 will beginn today at sundown, December8 and would last until December9 sundown.

We know too that there is to be a fulfillment of Acts2 and Joel2 in the last days of this whole system, a fulfillment in the time of the end. Therefore on this day we might be experiencing a rushing stiff breeze, a 'violent blowing' (literal translation), maybe an explosion. This could be the first "fire from heaven" and a rising mushroom cloud from the sea of 1Kings18.

The fulfillment could be a terrorist attack on Manhattan (NYC), with a more or less simultaneous attack on the UK.
These things would symbolize or announce the coming of Jesus on the clouds. If this event follows the pattern of the original Christian Pentecost scenario, they would occur between 8:40 and 9:40 am EST on December9.

Again and obviously, I might be wrong on that. It is not an inspired understanding but a deduction based on the chronological study of the Scriptures.

May God bless the faithful and save his children,