Monday, 8 December 2008

Kislev8, Pentecost, the calendar change and the GT

Dear brothers in the hope!

It's been a while since my last post here.

I had to reconsider my findings, my position and our chronology.
It is still not 100% fixed, we just see that things are brewing up and that the chronological model of the sanctuary still seems to be valid. But I feel that at least one vital aspect or understanding is missing and we have still to fine tune our understanding.

Nontheless I decided to inform all my readers of the following possibility.

We have discussed here and on many times the possibility that the calendar change that occured in Nisan 1543 BCE where the start of the year was changed from Tishri (autumn) to Nisan (spring) is undone in Tishri 2008, 6000 years after Adam sinned.

Thus, if the divine counting of years was returned to the original manner, there is a chance that all the 3 major festivals of the Lord are also shifted by 6 months.

This would mean that the festival of Pentecost could be celebrated on Kislev6 instead of Sivan6.

According to the idealized 360 Biblical Lunar Calendar with 12 months to 30 days each, this date of Kislev6 will beginn today at sundown, December8 and would last until December9 sundown.

We know too that there is to be a fulfillment of Acts2 and Joel2 in the last days of this whole system, a fulfillment in the time of the end. Therefore on this day we might be experiencing a rushing stiff breeze, a 'violent blowing' (literal translation), maybe an explosion. This could be the first "fire from heaven" and a rising mushroom cloud from the sea of 1Kings18.

The fulfillment could be a terrorist attack on Manhattan (NYC), with a more or less simultaneous attack on the UK.
These things would symbolize or announce the coming of Jesus on the clouds. If this event follows the pattern of the original Christian Pentecost scenario, they would occur between 8:40 and 9:40 am EST on December9.

Again and obviously, I might be wrong on that. It is not an inspired understanding but a deduction based on the chronological study of the Scriptures.

May God bless the faithful and save his children,


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