Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I was wrong on Nov. 3/4

Dear Readers!

Well, November3/4 came and went, the Democratic canditate Barack Obama was elected President of the USA and there was no event that stopped that from occuring and no event that kept George W. Bush in power by using "martial law".

The conclusion from a prophetic standpoint must be that the prophecy of the fall of the "towers" (plural) in Isaiah30 was only referring to the towers of the World Trade Centre and not to a different kind of 'fall' of another so called "Tower" one lunar month later on October11, 2001.

This does still not mean that the association of the organisation with the United Nations for over 10 years was okay from God's point of view, it just means that Isaiah30 was not speaking about this abomination.

While there are still plenty of reasons to expect a big terror/war event against the United States in the immediate future from a Biblical perspective, I have to admit that it now looks less likely from a secular perspective.

But then again, Joe Bidens remarks about a "generated crisis" that President Obama will have to face to "test his mettle" soon after he is elected still ring powerful in the ears of many.

I here on this blog and together with Emmanuel on, will keep researching Bible prophecy and chronology and will continue to base our interpretations and warnings solely on the Bible.


So our focus is now on the events that will surround the global financial summit President Bush called for in Washington on November15, 2008. As we have pointed out, the last 1335 days before the "happiness" or "blessedness" of the faithful according to Daniel12, began on September29/30 2008, the day the Dow Jones dropped 777 points. 1335 days later is the festival of Pentecost 2012.

Now if we take the same end date for the 1290 days also mentioned in Daniel12, we see that these must start 45 days later. Interestingly, this takes
us exactly to November15, the day of the summit. This is Heshvan17 according to the Jewish calendar which was the day Noah's fllod started and the rebbelion of the Northern Kingdom of Israel occured.

I thus predict that a "global financial authority" that governs the financial system of the future will be installed on that summit. This new entity will wield great power and authority and will probably be backed by the United Nations.

I also deduce that this organisation will be used to bring about the so called "mark of the beast" according to Revelation13.

May God bless his children,


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