Wednesday, 29 October 2008

WARNING! - November 3/4


Using the prophetic calendar of 360 days, the Twin Towers were destroyed on the 1st day of the seventh month of 2001 (September 11-12). One lunar month later, on the 1st day of the eighth month of 2001 (October 11-12), the legal entity used by true Christians, disassociated itself from the United Nations. In 2008, 7 prophetic years later, the 1st of the seventh month coincided with the October 4/5 and the 1st of the eighth month will coincide with November 3/4.

Please consider that November 3/4 is actually Bul/Heshvan 6 on the Jewish calendar; the same day that Christians began their flight from Jerusalem in the year 66 after Cestius retreated. The "abomination causing desolation" had been placed in the "holy place" the day before. So this could be an important date. It might be a destructive event in New York or Chicago, just before the presidential elections in the United States.

We previously stated:

There is a Scriptural possibility that a catastrophic event, comparable to the fall of the Twin Towers, occurs on October29/30, 2008 somewhere in the USA.

The fall of the global financial system became visible 7 years after the collapse of World Trade Centre and 7 years and 7 days later we saw the drop of 777 points of the Dow Jones on Wall Street.

One lunar month after 9/11 2001, the organization used by modern true Christians, disassociated itself from the United Nations Organizations due to media pressure on October 11, 2001. Another “tower” fell. If this event was part of the fulfilment of the prophecy in Isaiah30:25-26, it is possible that a significant event happens one month after Ethanim/Tishri1 this year, on Bul/Heshvan1.

Preliminary reports indicate that a major disaster “manufactured” by the “false prophet” could occur prior to the presidential election in the United States on November 4. This would be with the intention of promoting the rapid creation of a “New International Order”. In addition, the prophecy about the “death-stroke” against a political system (Revelation 13:14) suggests, that this event will be an action related to war. If these things occur not later than Nov 2/3 (Bul/Heshvan5), then this would be the real sign that Christians have been waiting for, heralding that they begin their “flight” to escape from the final destruction of the antitypical "Jerusalem".


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