Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tishri 7 BLC: Year 7, month 7, day 7

Dear Readers!

Here is an observation of a friend in research I want to publish...

Tomorrow Tishri7 starts according to the BLC, the idealized biblical lunar calendar with 30 days each month.

Now 2008Tishri7 is of course the 7th month and the 7th day of the 7th month, and it is a sabbath which is the 7th day of the week and it is 7 years after 911. But there is something even more exciting. The UN passed resolution 1373 on 2001September28 at night. This was the UNSC resolution which began the War on Terror.

UN resolution 1373

So this was the real deal that resulted from 911 from a UN standpoint. And 2001September28 at night was 2001Tishri7. So if we go back 7x from 2008Tishri7 we get the UNSC resolution which legitimized the bogus war on terror as a result of the fire from the heavens of 911.


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