Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The "Shekinah" and upcoming satanic fakes

Most people have little understanding of what the Shekinah Glory of YHWH God is, let alone realize the prophetic significance of this manifestation of God. The Jewish rabbis coined this extra-biblical expression, and it is form of a Hebrew word that literally means "he caused to dwell" -- signifying that it was a divine visitation of the presence or dwelling of YHWH God on this earth.

The Shekinah is said to be the "majestic manifestation of god which has descended to dwell with mankind. The word Shekinah is taken from passages referring to god dwelling in the tabernacle among the people.

In the Encyclopedia Judaica the "Shekinah" is defined as "the Divine Presence, the numinous immanence of God in the world”.

The Shekinah appeared as a cloudy pillar in the day and a fiery pillar at night. The nation of Moses was led by the Shekinah for 40 years.

According to biblical interpretations and general acceptance, the Shekinah descended:

1. to the garden of Eden

2. When the tower of Babel was built

3. to Sodom

4. to Egypt

5. When Red Sea was parted

6. upon Sinai

7. in the pillar of cloud

8. to the sanctuary

9. upon the burning bush

And it is supposed to appear again at the time of Gog and Magog

There was yet another writer who recorded the fact of the "Shekinah" presence of YHWH God moving from the Temple in Jerusalem just before the war with the Romans. Josephus mentioned that in the spring of 66 A.D. some astonishing events took place within the Temple. He recorded three miracles associated with YHWH's "Shekinah" and the Temple -- and each one showed clearly that the "Shekinah" was departing from the Holy of Holies. In War VI, 290 he stated "that a GREAT LIGHT shone over the altar for thirty minutes at 3 o'clock in the morning (a week before Passover in A.D. 66) and then it DEPARTED. He said the scribes interpreted this sign as a bad omen for the Temple. It was like the Shekinah Glory moving away from the Tabernacle in the wilderness as a sign to disassemble the Tabernacle and transport it to another location".

Since Revelation states that God will descend to dwell with mankind, it seems that a new hoax of some sort may be perpetrated.

Whether it will be an “alien presence”, or a holographic hoax by man, remains to be seen.

It could likely be the "abomination" that is spoken of as this "thing" presents itself as the creator-in-fact.

A few months ago, the Pope made some statement about 'aliens are our friends' and now the Catholic Church has decreed to do away with the name Yahweh and its derivatives (Jehovah). Could this organization be gradually setting people up for something like this to take place?

So, if a thing appears as a "physical manifestation of God"...would you believe it?

The Vatican is preparing its flocks to play nicey-nice with aliens (demons) during the --whatever the New-Agers call it -- the convergence (?) to the "One World Higher Consciousness".

Some think they are aliens, the New-Agers think they are their "spirit guides" and "masters" from long ago who will return, etc. What they are going to be making nicey-nice with (when these beings manifest themselves) is nothing but ages-old rebellious angels also known as “demons”. Revelation gives a pretty good picture of all the "fun" these people are going to be having with their "spirit guides."

The "signs and wonders" are for those who -- having rejected salvation through Jesus -- will by default come under a "strong delusion." (Without truth, there's nothing left but deception).

The antichrist (and aliens and signs and wonders and holograms, and whatever "fireworks" displays these “Techno-Satans” will use) will appear first before the Lord returns. The fake has to, and will, come first. Hence, “deception”. Keep in mind that there is no fake or forgery in the absence of an original. So Satan will mimic and copy what is going to happen as his last trick.


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