Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pope begins Bible-reading marathon

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Here is an article from MSN and a comment I was able to make after doing some researcher on the symbolism...


Pope Benedict XVI began a week-long Bible-reading marathon on Italian television - appropriately with "In the beginning".

RAI state TV began its programme, The Bible Day and Night, with Benedict reciting the first chapter of the book of Genesis - the holy text's opening verses about the creation of the world.

The marathon will feature more than 1,200 people reading the Old and New Testament in over seven days and six nights.

While the Pope recited his segment from the Vatican, most of the reading will be done live in Rome's Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, a basilica built in the 4th century.

Besides Roman Catholics, members of other religions, including Jews, Protestants and Orthodox Christians will participate.

Benedict, who appeared on a giant screen mounted in the church to start the marathon, was followed by Bishop Ilarion, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. Oscar-winning director Roberto Benigni was also among those reading from the Bible on Sunday.

Outside the packed basilica a crowd gathered in front of the torchlit facade. Every few chapters the reading was being interrupted for Christian or Jewish religious music, and opera star Andrea Bocelli led the first interlude by singing Bach's Praise The Lord.

"The word of God will enter the homes and accompany the lives of families and individual people," Benedict said of the programme following his traditional noon blessing on Sunday. "If welcomed, this seed will not fail to bring abundant fruits."



The public reading of the entire Christian Bible in Rome, is one of the most ancient, and feared, rites of Christendom meant to presage what they term as the beginning of the Last Days. This particular event should be particularly noticed as it is occurring at the same moment that Britain is preparing to end a 300-year-old exclusion of Catholics from the line of succession.

The greater significance of Pope Benedict’s actions we had, also, previously reported on when we had detailed the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sudden resignation and nearly immediate conversion to Catholicism in Rome.


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