Sunday, 5 October 2008

Signs in the Sun?

Dear Readers!

Here is the result of some research I have done...

The number of days that have not had a sunspot this year now exceeds 200. To find a year with more blank suns, you have to go back to 1954, when the sun was blank 241 times. So, Astronomers who count sunspots have announced that 2008 is now the “blankest year” of the Space Age.

In fact, if the current trend continues, 2008 could total 290 spotless days by the end of December, making it nearly a century (“maybe since 1914??”) since we have seen such a lack of activity fom our sun.

In addition, the quiet sun coincides with the dimmest su scientists have ever recorded, and a low in solar wind pressure. Sunspots are the result of the Sun’s magnetic field tearing ‘holes’ into its surface. Meteorologists use the arrival and disappearance of sunspots to gauge how active solar cycles will be.

What does the current lack of activity on the sun mean? It could mean that scientists can test their various theories concerning the relationship between the sun and global climate change. It also may mean that much colder times for the planet are just ahead.

The fact is that during the last 1000 years, a weak or non existent sunspot cycle can be linked directly to three global temperature events called the Dalton , Maunder, and Spörer Minimums. Each of these events led to a rapid cooling of the planet. One was large enough to be called a “mini ice age”.

In any event, what we are seeing here could be interpreted as a subtle “sign on the sund”. So we will keep watching.


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