Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What is God's original purpose?

Dear Readers!

What is the "original purpose" of Jehovah? Well, that is a very big question! Many churches teach that his purpose was that Adam and Eve stay perfect, make the whole planet a garden and fill it with perfect offspring...

That sounds romantic but I don't think it is true. Listen why. When God created Adam there were billions of angels, seraphim, cherubs etc around. Now we understand that they are all "free willed beings", free moral agents that can decide for themselves what they do and what not. They are not "worship robots"!

Now obviously, Jehovah is good in mathematics and in "probability calculus". So given a population of billions of free willed beings and given an indefinite amount of time (eternity) it is not only "likely" that someone WILL rebel against him, it is certain!

So Jehovah knew quite well that SOMEONE will rebel. Funnily enough, it was the cherub over Eden that became "Satan" which proofs that what we see today in man is also true for angels: Power corrupts!!!

In turn man was also created with free will, as a free moral agent. Adam had "knowledge" because he was taught by Jehovah, but he did not have "experience" or "wisdom" because "wisdom" is trained discernment. So he surely was an easy prey for the one that would rebel.

But here was God's dilemma. He IS love by definition (1. John4:16) and as any good father, he wants his children (cration) to become perfect, yes like he himself is. But love can only grow in an enviroment of free will. Free will is a prerequisite for love. Ther is no chance for love without free will. Worship roboters without free will would be obidient but they never would develop love and thus finally become perfect as their heavenly father...

(Matthew 5:48) 48 YOU must accordingly be perfect, as YOUR heavenly Father is perfect.

So God had no other choice than creating free willed beings KNOWING the probability (or certainty) that someone WILL rebel and use his free will in a different way. But Jehovah also knew that there the way to perfect love leads through the "valley of tears". Free moral agents need experience and have to develop "wisdom" to see that sin does not pay off and that Jehovah's requirements are a minimum set of rules for a society to live in an harmonious and "sustainable" way.

We all need to develop the deep internal understanding that our heavenly father knows best and his way of perfect love is the goal all creation wants to achieve. Then and only then will we start to be a law to ourselves, we will act righteously not because we fear punishment or because we are forced to, but out of free will and wisdom and out of love for our neighbour who is our brother, another son of the Creator.

THIS is God's true original purpose that all his creatures (spiritual or physical) learn to use their free will in a perfectly loving manner out of their own initiative!


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