Friday, 10 October 2008

The Bear speaking as a Lamb: European Security Treaty

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Thanks for my reader “Derrick” for making me aware of the following…

In addition to the new economic system, Medvedev has announced a new treaty intended to provide lasting peace and security, no more military alliances and wars. To me, this sounds like could turn into a 1 Thessalonians 5:3 scenario, but it are very surprising words coming from the Russian bear.

In fact, it might be a carefully timed action, now that America looks weak, Russia sees another chance to become a super power again. Medvedev wants to shape the world and this crisis offers a non-military opportunity for him.

Medvedev outlined a series of steps that could lead the world out of the present malaise, but he also focused on forging a new system of security, arguing that the one created post-Cold War has proven to be a failure. The result, Medvedev said, was the conflict in Georgia and the financial crisis.

"Recent events in the Caucasus have demonstrated that it is impossible to appease or contain an aggressor based on bloc approaches," a grave, yet firm Medvedev said in his address, implicitly addressing the United States. "If irresponsible, adventurous actions by the ruling regime of a small country (Georgia in this particular case) are capable of destabilizing the situation in the world, is this not proof that the international security system based on unipolarity no longer works?

He was quite obviously referring to the position of the US as the only remaining “Superpower”…

"It is also evident that economic egoism is also a consequence of the unipolar vision of the world and of the desire to be its mega-regulator. It is a dead-end policy in terms of global economic development. I think that the origins of the current situation can be found in the events that took place seven years ago. After the overthrow of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the United States started a chapter of unilateral actions which was not coordinated with the United Nations or even with a number of the United States' partners. It is enough to mention the decision to withdraw from the ABM Treaty and the invasion of Iraq."

Echoing a series of fiscal and monetary measures being implemented at home by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Medvedev pointed to regulation as a way out of the financial crisis.

Later in the address, he focused on a new European security treaty as a key alternative the unipolar world order - one bent on eradicating military conflict.

"The Treaty should clearly affirm the basic principles for security and intergovernmental relations in the Euro-Atlantic area. These principles include the commitment to fulfill in good faith obligations under international law; respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of states, and respect for all of the other principles set out in the truly fundamental document that is the United Nations Charter...

"The inadmissibility of the use of force or the threat of its use in international relations should be clearly affirmed. It is fundamental for the Treaty to guarantee uniform interpretation and implementation of those principles...

Especially in that statement we see the wolf speaking as a lamb… He continued:

"It should guarantee equal security, and I mean equal security and not any other kind of security. In this respect we should base ourselves on three ‘no's. Namely, no ensuring one's own security at the expense of others. No allowing acts (by military alliances or coalitions) that undermine the unity of the common security space. And finally, no development of military alliances that would threaten the security of other parties to the Treaty.

"It is important to confirm in the Treaty that no state or international organization can have exclusive rights to maintaining peace and stability in Europe. This applies fully to Russia as well.

"It would be good to establish basic arms control parameters and reasonable limits on military construction. Also needed are new cooperation procedures and mechanisms in areas such as WMD proliferation, terrorism and drug trafficking."

Meanwhile, Medvedev backed Sarkozy's proposal for an enlarged G8 meeting to deal with the financial crisis, but called for a more inclusive organization. "We must include other key economies: China, India, Brazil."

Please never forget that in international relations, things are never as they seem. Even Satan the God of the elite keeps transforming himself into an angel of light.

In fact what the Russian bear is doing is pushing for more power and dominance in the New World Order soon to be build from the scattered stones that will result from the current chaos.

May God bless his children during the Great Tribulation,


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