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On the inauguration of the Davidic Covenant

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Many studies we did have shown that the most likely date for the anointment of David, which marked the start of the Davidic Covenant, occurred in the spring of 1083 BCE. Consider this:

As we understand it, David was born in 1107 BCE and began to rule aged 30 years. There is the likelihood that David was born in the autumn of 1107 BCE that is 500 years before the beginning of the Gentile Times in the autumn of 607 BCE. If this were the case, then the first official regnal year of David would have begun in the spring of 1076 BCE.

In this regard, the Scriptures mention the following:

4 Thirty years old was David when he became king. For forty years he ruled as king. 5 In He´bron he ruled as king over Judah for seven years and six months; and in Jerusalem he ruled as king for thirty-three years over all Israel and Judah. (2Samuel5)

David was been coregent with his son Solomon for one year. That would explain how it the last year of Solomon’s 40 years ends in the spring of 997 BCE.

1083BCE: Inauguration of the Davidic Covenant?

As we have understood, with all our limitations, all major covenants are either cut or inaugurated in spring, either at the Passover or at Pentecost

* The Edenic Covenant, 3993Nisan14. This is the master covenant for this entire system.

* The First Abrahamic Covenant, 1943Nisan14 (Abib), when Abraham entered the Promised Land. This is the covenant for all those who act on and with faith like Abraham, in the absence of a divine law.

* The Law Covenant of Israel, 1513Sivan6 BCE, when Israel accepted the Law at Horeb. This is a covenant between God Jehovah and the natural Israel, with Moses as the mediator.

* The New Covenant, 33Nisan14 CE, when Jesus made the covenant for a kingdom and priesthood with his Apostles. This is a covenant between Jehovah God and spiritual Israel, with Jesus being the mediator.

Now the Davidic Covenant came into force when David was anointed by Samuel.

It is possible that David was anointed between the Passover and Pentecost since the period between the First Abrahamic Covenant (Passover) and the Law Covenant (Pentecost) is as long and the period between the Law Covenant and the anointing of David.

* From 1943BCE until 1513BCE are 430 years
* From 1513BCE until 1083BCE are 430 years

It is interesting to note that since the spring of 1083 BCE until the spring of 1076 BCE, there is a period of exactly 7 years. We want to comment on the possibility that this period of 7 years, in which David suffered persecution, was a representation of the "seven times" that would pass before Jesus comes to reign as the King.

In any event there is an additional way in which we can confirm that 1083BCE was a year noted in the biblical chronology. How?

Well, the key lies in the parallels with regards to the timing associated with Adam and the
Temple of Solomon. As we know, Adam was created in the autumn of 4027 BCE and the first temple was completed in the autumn of 1027 BCE.

* From the autumn of 4027 BCE until spring of 1083 BCE are 2943.5 years
* From the autumn of 1027 BCE until the spring of 1918 CE there are 2943.5 years

So there is a parallel between the anointment of David and the completion of 3.5 years after the end of the Gentile Times in 1914!

It is possible that many readers do not understand the importance of the spring of 1918, but the reality is that in that year began divine approval on chose Christians in modern times. The heavenly resurrection began from that year onwards.

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