Monday, 20 October 2008

Reports on American Collapse

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A stunning report circulating in the Kremlin today states the Director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, General Michael Hayden, has told both the Syrian President and Lebanon’s Hezbollah Leadership that the next American president would the ‘last one’ during secret meetings he held in Beirut this past week.

Equally as stunning, these reports continue, President Bush had secretly delivered to Syrian President Assad a ‘guarantee’ that Israel would be made to withdrawal from the Golan Heights in exchange for its breaking of its alliance with Iran, news which shocked the Israeli government who stated they were unaware of this latest American move against them.

Russian Military Analysts state that these latest US moves are designed around the planned ascendancy to the US Presidency of Barak Obama who they report is slated to lead the United States into the worst period of their history since their 1860-65 Civil War, and which like that conflict is due to fracture the American Nation from its present position as a First World Nation State to one of at least 3 separate countries based upon ethnic and religious lines.

Russian experts are already planning on the breakup of the United States due to the ascendancy of the most radical US Governor in decades, Sarah Palin, who has risen to prominence based upon her long-standing affiliation with the Alaskan Independence Party that has long championed a break with Washington D.C.

Not being understood by the American people about their coming demise is that the template their destruction is being based upon is an exact mirror image of the one that brought down the last World Superpower, the Soviet Union, and which the ‘main warning sign’ is the total collapse of Global oil prices, and which were warned about this past March by Kuwaiti oil industry analyst Kamel A Al-Harami, and who stated:

Al-Harami speaking exclusively to Kuwait Times yesterday, explained the inevitability of an oil market price correction by the end of 2008 saying, "Definitely there will have to be a correction... Nobody can sustain such high prices, whether it is the $10 a gallon in Europe or $5 and $6 in the USA -- it is not sustainable." He added, "...most likely anything that goes up quickly comes down also, so I see oil prices coming down in the near future. I cannot tell you a specific day, but eventually it will come down and it will crash. It will crash by all means because it did not take anything for oil prices to reach $107, $108, $109...or even the $100 level..." He stated that when the correction comes, "It is going to hit hard the economies of everyone, whether it is the oil producers or the oil consumers.”

This is of critical importance for the American people to understand as just like the United States today, the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s was embroiled in an unending war against the Muslim peoples of the World when the price of oil collapsed cutting off its access for much needed foreign currency leading to its complete economic implosion and its end as a Superpower.

Today the United States, as the 17th largest exporter of oil in the World, has seen its daily oil export revenues decrease by an astounding $700 billion per day as the price of this commodity has fallen from its 3-month-ago high near $150 a barrel to its current price near $70, and all occurring during a time that the American people are facing their worst economic crisis since the Great Depression leaving them unable to borrow on the World Markets the funds needed to finance their wars, or lifestyles.

Even worse, the United States has been forced to surrender its power to appoint the World Bank president, a power it has held since the ending of World War II which was delegated to it by the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference (known also as the Bretton Woods conference) to ‘regulate the international monetary and financial order’ after the conclusion of the war.

To coincide with the coming destruction of the United States, the monetary and financial order of the World is also being changed to reflect this fact as French President Sarkozy and European Commission President Barroso have just forced President Bush to accede to Global demands to hold an emergency summit in November where the US Dollar will lose its long standing as the reserve currency for Global transactions, most particularly in oil.

The American people, however, continue to remain in near total ignorance of their impending fate still failing to realize that a United States economy supported by 70 percent of its citizens continually buying things they don’t need while they owe over $25 Trillion in debt on their credit cards they are now using for their most basis of needs, is an economic system that can do nothing else but collapse in a way that will shock these poor people unlike anything ever occurring in their lifetime.

Not to be overlooked is that with the coming breakup of the United States their once stalwart ally Israel will be doomed as the Americans continue to be the only Nation still supporting the Jewish State against a rising tide of World condemnation for their imprisonment of the Palestinian people.

Most surprising of all of these events is that unlike the warnings being shouted to the American people, like us from outside their shores, that they have continually mocked and ignored, now these warnings are being issued in their own country, and two examples of this are:

On their most watched cable news network CNN it is being reported that members of the US Congress were threatened with martial law and further stated that nearly all of America’s elite political class have been buying up books on post World War I Germany’s Weimar Republic which they state the United States is soon to resemble with interest rates hitting astronomical highs as the US dollar totally collapses.

Top American writer Naomi Wolf has warned her fellow citizens: “Because Americans like me were born in freedom, we have a hard time even considering that it is possible for us to become as unfree - domestically - as many other nations. Because we no longer learn much about our rights or our system of government - the task of being aware of the constitution has been outsourced from citizens' ownership to being the domain of professionals such as lawyers and professors - we scarcely recognise the checks and balances that the founders put in place, even as they are being systematically dismantled. Because we don't learn much about European history, the setting up of a department of "homeland" security - remember who else was keen on the word "homeland" - didn't raise the alarm bells it might have.”

But, to the full consequences of their coming breakup the American people are facing Ms Wolf has issued her most dire warning yet in stating that for the first time since their Civil War US Combat Troops are ready to take to the streets throughout the United States to eliminate any, and all, dissention against them.

One can only wonder when, or if, these American people will finally awaken to the dangers they face so that they might prepare themselves for survival in the strange World suddenly enveloping them in its evil embrace. For them to do nothing borders on the insane, but if this past decade has shown us anything it is that most of them are.


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