Thursday, 9 October 2008

The banks are just the start: Collapsing countries follow!

How will this total control be achieved?

Again, I cannot be dogmatic about that! But I have seen patterns in the past and we have now seen the kick-off for this procedure.

One omnipresent pattern is the golden rule “control from chaos”.

Those who dominate a system and who want to gain more power know how to achieve that. You have to manipulate and create chaotic circumstances or an emergency situation. Now you also provide the “solution” or “protection”, thereby being able to seize more power, more control, and more money. You pose as the saviour for a distress you yourself have secretly created.

This happened after 9/11 and this is happening now with the banking crash! We call such bills as the “Patriot Act” (9/11) and the “bail-out” bill, “Christmas tree bills” because all those with power can hang there little laws and amendments on it so when the whole bill is accepted all those “minor points”, which mean a loss of civil liberties and more control for the “powers” are signed into law as well.

Another principle is the saying “the best slave is the one that believes he is free”. The elite do not (yet) want to show their true evil face, they don’t want to be known and don’t want to be known as the true aggressor. The act behind the scene making it look like all is going well. They want the masses to gladly surrender control to get “protection”. This is in accordance with Paul’s words who wrote about Satan, the God of the elite…

14 And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. 15 It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness. But their end shall be according to their works (2Corinthians11)

So I suppose that if we extrapolate these principles we do generally know what will occur in the future. Together with the fall of the banking system, we do for the first time see HOW this total financial control will be achieved. We are seeing at the moment a “controlled demolition” in the banking industry, just as we have seen a controlled demolition of the WTC on 9/11. Even the victims were the same… Here is a list of tenants of the WTC in 2001:

1 Stop Investment Advice


Alliance Global Finance

Bank of America (Bank America Trust Co)

California Bank & Trust

Chicago Investment Group

Commerzbank Capital Markets AG

Lehman Brothers Private Client Services / Holdings Inc

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Morgan Stanley

Stern Custom Brokers Inc

Wall Street Planning Association

Atlantic Bank of New York

Continental Insurance Company (CNA)

Dow Jones & Company

General Security Insurance Company

Oppenheimer Funds Inc (Massachusetts Mutual Life)

Wachovia / First Union

Washington Mutual

Deutsche Bank

Dollar Index Services

Hudson NYFE Futures Inc

New York Futures Exchange

Chase Manhattan Bank

Credit Suisse First Boston

JP Morgan Chase & Company


Federal Home Loan Bank of New York Inc

I highlighted the most prominent victims of the current crisis.

The core problem we are currently seeing in the banking business is that banks do not trust each other anymore and thus stopped lending to each other. The inter-bank lending ceased. This obviously means that the system in its current makeup is doomed. If people start to withdraw their money now, the banks are not liquid enough to provide the cash themselves. Since they can find no other bank that lends to them, they collapse. That happened to Washington Mutual where about 9% of all savings were taken out buy investors in a short period of time…

Now we have seen the elite and Bush coming up with a solution which basically gives all the assets and all the control into the hands of Paulson and his elite friends. He can now wield authority and pose as the saviour of Americans.

Again, this is just a pattern. We have to extrapolate that scenario and its solution to a global level:

In the last 3 days we have seen the economy of Iceland collapsing. Iceland may face national bankruptcy, because its bank assets are nine times annual gross domestic product of 14 billion euros ($19 billion). On October 6, Prime Minister Geir Haarde gave an unprecedented address to the nation where he stated that the economy of the Icelandic banks were several times the size of Iceland's GNP, and if they should collapse, a definite possibility, the entire nation could go bankrupt.

Now for

those readers who know the British banking system, Iceland is the “Northern Rock” of the inter-governmental collapse. It is the first economy to fold due to the global crisis. It’s easy to see now where we are going. Because of the banking crisis, government start to take huge amount of money to finance a rotten system or they guarantee savings and assets like it happened in the EU.

Germany for example passed a bill that guarantees all savings in German banks unlimited. The estimate amount of private funds in German banks is 1600 billion Euros, which is 2.2 trillion US Dollar. Obviously, that is a circular reasoning; it is a fake, a fraud. By which means does the state guarantee that money? With our taxes! So in fact, we all guarantee those assets with our on tax money… How absurd is that?!?

Now if we continue that thought we see where this will lead to. If you as a private person guarantee a loan of 10.000.- for a friend, it will be stated as a “liability” on your account sheet. So basically you at least theoretically owe that money. Now if you try to get a loan, a credit yourself, the banks will see that you already have a debt or liability of 10.000.- and that will either limited your chance of getting a loan yourself but it will surely reduce your rating which in turn means that you will have to pay a higher interest rate.

On an inter-state level this means that the Standard & Poor rating of for example Germany should go from AAA to B-. As a result of all of this, maybe in connection with a global security alert, we will see countries stopping to trust each other and stop lending to each other like banks stopped.

This will mean the bankruptcy of dozens of countries (like in Island), a global crash, riots, starvation, wars etc. At this point (or even just to prevent these disasters) a global “saviour” will rise, probably from the UN who will have a global “bail-out” plan and will pose as the global hero and saviour. Obviously all countries and their citizens will gladly sacrifice their rights, their power and their freedom to prevent this horror scenario.

Then a new trading system will rise, implementing this “mark” or “number” so that all happens orderly. In this trial, we as Christians have to be steadfast and resist.



BlogLu Says: said...

Michale; You are so Right ! I am not as Versed on the Bible as You are, Sometime ago, I read in the Bible, Someware, which Said: " The End is Near when a Loaf of Bread will Cost a Days Salary " Could You Please , Tell me, and Other Readers: Where in the Bible This is Stated ! And can You Enlight, us of How this will Affect us, in Our Life; as we Know it !!
Thank You; BlogLu Says:

Faith Love Hope said...

Hi Lu!

Thanks for your question! Your interest is very much appreciated.

I see from your profile that you are newly registered. I would love to hear a bit more about yourself, your background and your believes.

While I have never read the quote you give, I think I know which Scripture you refer to.

In Revelation6 we read...

5 And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say: “Come!” And I saw, and, look! a black horse; and the one seated upon it had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard a voice as if in the midst of the four living creatures say: “A quart of wheat for a de·nar´i·us, and three quarts of barley for a de·nar´i·us; and do not harm the olive oil and the wine.”

These are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse that are supposed to ride in the "last days". This 3rd horsemen is just about to start riding now. A denarius was a days wage of a Roman soldier. A quart is only a bit more then one liter and it is obvious from this that this is not enough to support oneself and even a family. So this rider depicts a famine in the last days.

So soon when money collapses this Scripture will be fulfilled. It can't have been fulfilled in the Great Depression in 1929 or in WWII because of what we read at the end of verse 6.

"Do not harm" is also translated as "do not act unrighteously on". That is weird, how can we act unrighteously with wine and oil???

The answer is biofuel! Only in the last 15 years does mankind have the capability to transform wheat, corn and bio-oil into fuel, biodiesel etc.

Wine is an ethanol source which is used big time in the transformation process from food into fuel.

Now generally there is nothing wrong in using alternative fuels but in a world food crisis and global hunger it is unrighteous to use the available resources for fuel production.

It is unrighteous to take from the belly of the hungry and put it into the tank of the greedy.

So this mentioning of olive oil and wine lock the timing of this prophecy to our days.

I hope this answers your question, looking forward to hear more from you,