Sunday, 19 October 2008

Warning of imminent danger!

Dear Readers!

It is likely that we see either a global security threatening event or a global economy threatening event on Monday, October 21, 2008

On September 29/30, 2008 [Ethanim/Tishri1] the downfall of the "wall" that protects "Babylon the Great" started. Her waters are tried up. From that day onwards we are counting 1335 solar days until Pentecost 2012.

The prophecy about the 7 times (years) that would pass from the fall of the Towers of the World Trade Centre until the great breakdown of world trade is fulfilled (Isaiah 30:25, 26). The symbolic city of Jericho, - organized Christian Churches -, is watching her protection crumble before her own eyes.

However, according to the lunar calendar, there are 1335 days (44.5 lunar months) from October 20/21, 2008 [Ethanim/Tishri22] until Pentecost 2012. Tishri22 is the date of the attack against the city of Jerusalem in the year 66 CE. Could history be repeating itself on a global scale?

The last 3.5 "times" of the final tribulation would begin on October 20 at noon, EST. We expect this to be an important day in the collapse of the “wall”, which may refer to the “Wall Street”, the NYSE.

These 3.5 "times" will be completed on Abib/Nisan21, at the end of the Feast of Unfermented Cakes, simultaneously with the 1290 solar days counting from Ethanim/Tishri1 2008.


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