Monday, 13 October 2008

A day of sadness...

Dear Readers!

According to the research we have done in the last years, 2008Ethanim22 (Tishri22) seems to be a significant day in the history of truth. We can not be dogmatic about this, but it is important to know the evidence:

As we have determined, on
September 29, 2008 at noon (EST), when the system of capitalism was given a death blow, the period of 1335 days of Daniel12 began. This period will climax on the day of Pentecost 2012. On that date, the chosen ones will be finally reunited with the Messiah in heaven.

We have identified that day as marked in the Scriptures long in advance, and we have concluded now that something important has ceased to exist on that day. The "Great Tribulation" will become manifest in these coming days because of the collapse that has happened. This was the symbolic "great earthquake" that was predicted in Revelation 6.

This fall occurred seven years after the fall of the “World Trade Centre” (‘world trade’!), in fulfilment of the prophecy of Isaiah 30:25, 26. That event was a prophetic warning of the fall of the global trading system. This event was prefigured by the expulsion of the merchants through Jesus when he turned over the tables of the moneylenders in the temple.

The correlation between 9/11 and the collapse in 2008 is important. Recall that the "disgusting thing causing desolation" has to do with an "image" that true Christians will have to reject. It is no coincidence that in the vision of Revelation 13, this "image" is associated with the worship of the "wild beast." The context explicitly mentions that no one will be able to buy and to sell who does not accept the authority of the beast and get its number or name. This will be a new international financial order.

We suppose that a replacement of the dying monetary system is already prepared and has begun to operate in secret. A period of great persecution against those who do not support the new political system is about to begin.

Now the Messiah will soon take actions against this wicked system, but also the demons are taking their last stand. The demons will do whatever it takes to lead all mankind in a war against the
Kingdom of God. We have entered the seventh month of 2008, and now the final three and a half years until the coming of the Kingdom of God have begun.

We are already seeing a transformation of politics and commerce, the big question now is: What about the religious system? When will it collapse?

Another “tower” collapsing?

October 9, 2001, the organization of true Christians was accused of having been associated for ten years with the United Nations, as a registered NGO. This event has never been fully understood by all those Christians that stumbled, who concluded that it was not proper to have dealings with the organisation known to be symbolized by the "scarlet-coloured wild beast" of Revelation. About two days later, this Christian congregation disassociated itself from the UN quickly, but never clearly and publicly repented this association.

In 2001, Ethanim1 corresponded to September 17/18. Thus October 8/9 corresponded to Ethanim22.

That would mean, if this reasoning is correct, that the organization of true Christians will be judged “7 times of years” later, on Ethanim22, 2008, i.e. on 2008October20/21.

Ethanim22 is a marked day in biblical history. Consider the evidence:

The attack of Cestio Galo with the "disgusting thing causing desolation” began on Ethanim22 of the year 66 CE. This was the beginning of the three and a half years of tribulation for the Jewish system, which ended with the final assault by Tito and his armies, in the year 70 CE.

On Ethanim22, 21 days of waiting that are mentioned in the prophecy of Daniel about the "king of the north" and the "king of the south", are fulfilled. This period probably started on Ethanim1 at the start of the 1335 days.

I make this announcement with a desire to warn those faithful in the organisation. We do not know how this judgment will be executed but we will stay attentive to God’s guidance.


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