Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Agenda for the Global Financial Summit

Dear Readers!

We have warned about November15 for months now and we expect the empowering of an entity controlling the global financial system since the pubic announcement that there will be a financial summit in Washington on that very day…

Here is what I found today…

Preparations for the economic summit in Washington on November 15 are well advanced. Here are the five points which are currently on the agenda to be adopted by the invited heads of state. The overall philosophy is to continue globalization by reinforcing free trade and by creating a world economic government under the IMF.

The IMF Program reads as follows:

"1) require the credit rating agencies to be registered and monitored and submit to rules of governance;

2) halt the principle of a convergence of accounting standards and re-examine the application of the fair market value rule in the financial field, so as to improve its coherence with the rules of prudence and conservatism;

3) to resolve that no market segment, territory, or financial institution shall escape from a proportionate and adequate regulation, or at the least, surveillance;

4) set up a code of conduct to avoid excessive risk-taking in the financial industry, including in the area of compensation. Supervisors will have to follow this code in evaluating the risk profiles of financial institutions;

5) to entrust to the IMF the primary responsibility, along with the FSF (Financial Stability Forum - Basel), to recommend the necessary measures to restore confidence and stability.

The IMF must be equipped with the essential resources and suitable instruments to support countries in difficulty, and to exert its role of macroeconomic surveillance to the fullest."

The Great Tribulation that started September29/30 is about to reach the next level.

May God keep his children!


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