Wednesday, 17 September 2008

ADL Says Christianity Is Hate
By Harmony Grant 9-15-8

Say I have an operable brain tumor. You're a doctor and know it but you don't tell me. I die. You should be prosecuted for manslaughter but, in the religious version of this case, the Anti-Defamation League thinks you should get applause.

Recently a group of prominent Christians called for more evangelism especially to Jews. They're contrite about Jewish suffering throughout history and say Christians must use "sensitivity and humility" but "still challenge them to consider the message of the Messiah."

For Christians, this is Truth 101: we all need Jesus and we are terminally sick without Him, headed for certain spiritual death. We are morally obligated to share the gospel with unbelievers, just as a doctor would be morally obligated to tell me I have a brain tumor. A couple billion Christians, including me, share this obligation.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, creator of hate crime laws, denounced the statement from World Evangelical Alliance. "This Evangelical document is not an offer of love, but a prescription for hate," says ADL head Abe Foxman. "As long as the WEA teaches that Judaism is incomplete or misguided, anti-Semitism will continue." His statement accuses WEA of creating "immense pain and anger."

So basically, Christianity is hate. The Bible's message that all humans are "incomplete and misguided"-worse, damned!-without saving faith in Christ, is hate.

This frightens anyone who's aware of "anti-hate" laws' growing momentum. Every week, new incidents are described as "hate crimes" and prosecuted more zealously than the same crimes where hate is not suspected as the motivation. The mythology of "hate crimes" as distinct, definable, and more frightening crime is now accepted as fact by most Americans. Once you
succeed in the court of public opinion, it doesn't take long to succeed in the law books. […]

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