Monday, 8 September 2008

A size reduced model of the sanctuary?

A size reduced model of the sanctuary?

We have seen that God does everything according to patterns and in a fractal way. The macro cosmos mirrors the micro cosmos.

One particular feature that Emmanuel found as regards the period beginning in Etanim (Tishri) 2001 and ending in Abib (Nisan) 2012 is that it lasts 10.5 years.

Please note that 10.5 years is the sum of:

· An initial period of 7 years (from autumn 2001 until autumn 2008).

· A second period of 3.5 years (from autumn 2008 until spring 2012).

The ratio of both periods is 2:1, such as in the chronological model of the sanctuary.

How can we interpret this proportionality? Well, the second compartment of the sanctuary stands for heavenly intervention in human history because it began with the “curtain”, the human manifestation of Jesus Christ. We reach this period of the “Most Holy” in this size reduced model probably in autumns 2008 (September, October). This might well mark the start of new heavenly intervention in earthly matters.

Emmanuel and Michael

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