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Enoch and Enosh and there correspondence to the Christian saints

Enoch is the most outstanding character in Bible history before the flood and the birth of Noah. The Scriptures introduce him as a prophet and God's representative to the ancient world. The disciple Jude, the brother of James, wrote about him:

14 Yes, the seventh one [in line] from Adam, Enoch, prophesied also regarding them, when he said: “Look! The Lord came with his holy myriads, 15 to execute judgment against all, and to convict all the ungodly concerning all their ungodly deeds that they did in an ungodly way, and concerning all the shocking things that ungodly sinners spoke against him. (Jude 14, 15.)

As is clear from this passage, Enoch was "the seventh from Adam." The records of Genesis and Luke allow us to establish his birth year:

1. Adam (4027/4026BC)
2. Seth (3897/3896 BC), 130 years after Adam.
3. Enosh (3792/3791 BC), 105 years after Seth.
4. Kenan (3702/3701 BC), 90 years after Enosh.
5. Mahalalel (3632/3631 BC), 70 years after Kenan.
6. Jared (3567/3561 BC), 65 years after Mahalalel.
7. Enoch (3405/3404 BC), 162 years after Jared.

Enoch was born sometime within the year which began in fall 3405 BC and died in the summer of 3404 BC, 622 years after the creation of Adam. If the Jewish tradition is right that he was born in spring, then his birth occurred 622.5 years after the first year of Adam.

When Enoch was born, Adam was still alive. In fact, specifically when he began his prophetic work, Adam was 687 years old. Enoch disappeared from the earth in the year 3040/3039 BC at the age of 365 years, something that reminds us of the duration of a solar year. At that time Adam was already dead for 57 years, and Noah was born 68 years after that.

21 And Enoch lived on for sixty-five years. Then he became father to Methuselah. 22 And after his fathering Methuselah Enoch went on walking with the [true] God three hundred years. Meanwhile he became father to sons and daughters. 23 So all the days of Enoch amounted to three hundred and sixty-five years. 24 And Enoch kept walking with the [true] God. Then he was no more, for God took him. (Genesis 5:21-24).

Every prophet mentioned in the Bible is a model or type for faithful witnesses of God in modern times. Enoch is no exception, especially because the Scriptures said that "he continued to walk with the true God." They say the same of Noah, so Noah, as a survivor of the Flood also represents a faithful witness of God who survives the end of this system of things.

The transfer of Enoch

5 By faith Enoch was transferred so as not to see death, and he was nowhere to be found because God had transferred him; for before his transference he had the witness that he had pleased God well. 6 Moreover, without faith it is impossible to please [him] well, for he that approaches God must believe that he is and that he becomes the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him. (Hebrews 11:5, 6.)

So when God took him, so that his days ended, he was transferred so as not to see death. Well the only other place he could have been, if his days had ended on this earth, was heaven. So Enoch ascended to heaven, without dying.

Now the question is did God make some kind of exception in the case of Enoch amongst the sons of Adam. Did he decide that he would not apply the death penalty to him because he was such a good chap? Moses answers:

4 The Rock, perfect is his activity,
For all his ways are justice.
A God of faithfulness, with whom there is no injustice;
Righteous and upright is he (Deuteronomy 32).

So he did not break his own justice in the case of Enoch. So if Enoch did not die, then Enoch was not under a death sentence. And if Enoch was not under a death sentence then he was not a son of Adam. And if he was not a son of Adam then he was a son of God. Just like Jesus was.

That is one reason why Jesus could rightfully say:

57 Therefore the Jews said to him: You are not yet 50 years old, and still you have seen Abraham?
58 Jesus said to them: Most truly I say to you, Before Abraham came into existence, I have been (John 8)

However John 8 above only proves that Jesus existed prior to Abraham, it does not prove that he existed as a human prior to Abraham's human existence, although such an interpretation (indeed the one that Gordon made) is possible from the words. Then we understood this logically contorted scripture:

13 Moreover, no one has ascended into heaven but the [one] that descended from heaven, the Son of man (John 3).

This requires a clear thinking head. It is saying that the Son of man (Jesus) has descended, and he is the one who has ascended. It is saying that the Son of man has both ascended and descended. But this statement was made at the beginning of Jesus' ministry. So he had ascended before he died. So he must have descended and then ascended before his earthly ministry. So this was at least his second visit to us.

We have to realise that the Hebrew word 'Enoch' means 'one trained up' or 'initiated'. So here was Michael's training to be the Messiah!!

Enoch and the time of Enosh

Enosh was born in 3792BC, 205 years after the fall of 3997BC when Adam turned 30 and became fully responsible for his actions. This detail is significant because the Abrahamic Covenant was inaugurated when Abraham's father died, aged 205 years in 1943BC. This is 2050 years (ten times 205 years) after the start of the Exedenic Times.

Although initially we might have the impression that there is no relationship between these events, the key that the Bible provides is Enosh.

26 And to Seth also there was born a son and he proceeded to call his name Enosh. At that time a start was made of calling on the name of YHWH. (Genesis 4:26).

Enosh means "mortal man" and the Scriptures say that in his days " a start was made of calling on the name of YHWH ". This can have 2 applications:

In a literal meaning we are told that between his birth in autumn 3792 BC, and his death in 2887 BC, idolatry and forms of worship which were inconsistent with the model established by God began. Note that Enoch lived in the middle of that period, and he loved and worshipped YHWH in the right way.

In a symbolic meaning, the time of the life of Enoch can represent a future period of time in which humans ‘call upon the name of the Lord’ in an acceptable manner.

An analysis of the history of true religion, as expressed in the Bible gives evidence that the right path towards the restoration of true worship in the world began with the inauguration of the Abrahamic Covenant, in spring 1943BC (Acts 7:4).

The additional information we get about Abraham’s entrance in the Promised Land, which also marked the validation if the Abrahamic Covenant, is interesting…

5 So A´bram took Sar´ai his wife and
Lot the son of his brother and all the goods that they had accumulated and the souls whom they had acquired in Ha´ran, and they got on their way out to go to the land of Ca´naan. Finally they came to the land of Ca´naan. 6 And A´bram went on through the land as far as the site of She´chem, near the big trees of Mo´reh; and at that time the Ca´naan·ite was in the land. 7 YHWH now appeared to A´bram and said: “To your seed I am going to give this land.” After that he built an altar there to YHWH, who had appeared to him. 8 Later he moved from there to the mountainous region to the east of Beth´el and pitched his tent with Beth´el on the west and A´i on the east. Then he built an altar there to YHWH and began to call on the name of YHWH. (Genesis 12:5-8.)

This passage is filled with meaning. Arguably, summarized in a nutshell it represents the restoration of worship of God once the true progeny of Abraham had occupied the "Promised Land". Interestingly, there are no Scriptures between Genesis 4 and Genesis 12 that would indicate a beginning of "a calling on the name of YHWH” like this.

The Abrahamic Covenant has its root in the prophecy of Genesis 3:15, it is all about a ‘seed’ that would accomplish God’s purpose. That means the period during which the Abrahamic Covenant extends and mankind has the opportunity to get closer to God through a system of acceptable worship, lasts for 3950 years.

In the middle of the period beginning in spring of 1943BC and ending in spring 2008AD, is the spring of the year 33 CE, when the Christian congregation was founded, on the day of Pentecost.

Can we draw a parallel between the 905 year period of the life of Enosh and the 3950 years of the Abrahamic Covenant?

Just as we find the start of the testimony of spiritual
Israel in the centre of the 3950 years of the Abrahamic Covenant, we also find the beginning of the prophetic activity of Enoch (maybe Michael) in the period of Enosh’s life that lasted 905 years.

If we move 452.5 years forward from the autumn of 3792BC, we arrive at the spring of 3339BC, exactly 300 years before the transfer of Enoch. These are precisely the 300 years of Enoch prophesying as stated in Genesis 5:22-24…

22 And after his fathering Me·thu´se·lah E´noch went on walking with the [true] God three hundred years. Meanwhile he became father to sons and daughters. 23 So all the days of E´noch amounted to three hundred and sixty-five years. 24 And Enoch kept walking with the [true] God. Then he was no more, for God took him.

This is a perfect match. Enoch represents the class of the 1NC saints, Jesus’ flesh, and both Enoch and spiritual
Israel began their service in the middle of a period determined by God. This can be no coincidence and harmonizes well with the Midst Prophecy.

If we look at all the Bible passages relating to the invocation of the name of YHWH, we will see that this phrase reappears in Joel 2:32. This ties neatly with Pentecost 33AD, the birth of a congregation of prophets.

In his speech to the Jews, Peter is making it clear that the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy had begun. Note that he says…

21 And everyone who calls on the name of YHWH will be saved.” (Acts

Enoch and chronological model of Sanctuary

This is one of the most amazing discoveries that I made trying to understand biblical chronology. S

The chronological model of the sanctuary shows that the entire history of man, since the creation of Adam until the coming of the Kingdom of God, is covered in a period of 6037.5 years.

This period is represented by the measurements of the tabernacle and the Holy and Most Holy in the temple. The length of the Holy is double that of the “Most Holy”

The Holy corresponds with the first 2 thirds of 6037.5 years, i.e. 4025 years. The Most Holy is the last third, i.e. 2012.5 years.

The first period begins in autumn of 4027BC, with the creation of Adam and ends in autumn 2 AD, with the first year of the human body of Jesus/Immanuel. The second period begin then and last to spring 2012, when the
Kingdom of God finally takes over complete control.

Consistent with this model, the "flesh" of Jesus, which became evident at his birth, represents the curtain that divided the two compartments...

Therefore, brothers, since we have boldness for the way of entry into the holy place by the blood of

Jesus, 20 which he inaugurated for us as a new and living way through the curtain, that is, his flesh. (Hebrews 10:19, 20.)

The inauguration of Solomon’s temple in autumn 1027BC, exactly 3000 years after the creation of Adam serves, as a column of support for this idea. In fact, Adam was represented by this first temple, so there is a parallel between the events of 4027-3993BC and the events of 1027-993BC (when the kingdom was torn in two).

The second temple was inaugurated at the midpoint of the period of 1025 years between the inauguration of the first temple and the appearance of Jesus/Immanuel as human. This takes us to spring 514BC. This second temple, apparently represented Jesus.

I need this as a basis to demonstrate a certain symmetry. Enoch was transferred 2012.5 years before the inauguration of Solomon’s temple.

The reconstruction of the chronology shows that Enoch is transferred sometime between autumn 3040BC and summer 3039BC. If we focus in spring 3039BC, we see that there are 2012.5 years until the autumn of 1027BC, inauguration date!

This in turn allows us to determine that there are 5050 years since the spring of 3039BC and the spring of 2012AD. Jewish tradition has it (and it is likely from the parallel to the Christian church) that Enoch has been transferred on the day of Pentecost, so we're talking about 5050 years ranging from Pentecost up to Pentecost.

It is an interesting coincidence that we get to
May 20, 2012, the day of the annular (‘ring shaped’) eclipse if we count 5050 years in solar days from Pentecost 3039BC. Apparently, this eclipse heralds the "outpouring" or return of the saints.

As an aside the 5050 years are proclaiming 50 50, Pentecost, Pentecost…

Is it possible that the annular eclipse is a sign? Well, the Bible compares Jesus as a sun and in other contexts Jesus is compared with a moon. One idea that seems to make sense is the representation of women in Revelation 12.

And a great sign was seen in heaven, a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon was beneath her feet, and on her head was a crown of twelve stars, 2 and she was pregnant. And she cries out in her pains and in her agony to give birth. (Revelation 12:1, 2.)

The "woman" in Genesis 3:15 produces offspring that crushes the head of the snake. This concept can be physically represented by an annular eclipse: the moon tries to hide the sun, but does not succeed. After that the sun prevails.

So the annular eclipse of May 20 would be announcing that it is high time for the serpent and its representatives to get crushed by the promised seed.

The Bible declares that the sun and moon would serve as signs indicating times, and it is especially in recent days, especially between 2008 and 2012, that these sign come to serve again as indicators of events. Let us not forget that the total solar eclipse in northern Russia announced the aggression of "Bear" 6 / 7 days before it happened.

If the key of Enoch allows us to discern the time that the saints will start to yield their power, so anything that emerges from this calculation should be correct.

If the 1,335 days begin to count Tishri1, 2008, then the disgusting thing causing desolation will be placed during the last days of September, according Daniel 12:11, 12.

This means that the events occurring during this period of 55 days between August 6 and September 30 will change the world stage forever. During this period the "sudden destruction" predicted in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, which heralds the beginning of YHWH's Day will occur.

Now more than ever, the Day of the Lord is about to begin

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