Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Beasts of the South

When watching the news these days, I see that the "winged lion" and the "four-headed leopard " are more united than ever among themselves.

This is not surprising, bearing in mind that if there were an aggression of
Russia against NATO, the "false prophet" of Anglo America would heal its wound, according to my current understanding.

This adds more strength to the prophecy about the "beasts of the south":

6 The pronouncement against the beasts of the south: Through the land of distress and hard conditions, of the lion and the leopard growling, of the viper and the flying fiery snake, on the shoulders of full-grown asses they carry their resources, and on the humps of camels their supplies. In behalf of the people they will prove of no benefit.
. (Isaiah 30:6.)

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